Gullvivan Empire

The Gullvivan empire is a small micronation consisting of two houses in Åkersberga city, Sweden. It was declared independant in mid October 2016 however it signed a declaration of independance first on the 27 of February 2017. While the empire was originally declared by Wilma Eklund she abdicated on the 27 of Febrary 2017 in favor of Emporer John. The empire has two provinces. The province of new Gullvivan being the one the empire derives its name from.


The Gullvivan Empire is a duel hereditary and elected monarchy. There are two branches of goverment. The monarchy and the grand imperial advisory. The grand imperial advisory and the monarchy share near equal power and can veto each others decisions, however the monarchy can call referendums to call of the draw.The grand impoerial advisor is an elected for position.


The gullvivan empire has 3 essential laws. The law of property where all the property in the empire belongs to the emporer unless deligated to others, the law of ownership wich makes it so nobody can touch, move or take anything that belongs to someone else, the law of life which prohibits murder.


The monarchy is of the dynasty eklund and is hereditary. Currently Wilma Eklund is the crown princess of the empire. The full title of the emporer is "Lord protector of freedom, rights, internet and democracy wise emporer of highest rank and leader of the gullvivan people".


  • Wilma Eklund 2016-2017
  • Jon Eklund 2017-current

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