Igoria is a micronation that was founded on 18th December 2014. Its ruled by a Monarch. It is ruled through the decree of the King.
Kingdom of Igoria

Official religion(s) Atheism,Christianity
Short name Igoria
Demonym Igorian
Government Kingdom
- Number of seats - 5
Established 18th of December 2014

It is pronunced simple:Igoria.


The name comes from the school-nickname of the Monarch,Igor.He was called Igor because even thou the Kingdom finds itself in Romania and the Monarch is Romanian,the King knew a lot about Russia and it;s History.Some argue that King Vladimir I is a communist-russian scum,but really he is a national liberal.

History Edit

The Kingdom was founded on 18th of December 2014.When the country declared independence,King Vladimir I started to work on the flag,coat on arms and a map showing the land claimed by his Kingdom,which is,in most parts,the house of his parents and an apartament of his grandparents,and a little forest owned by his parents,but under semi-administration of Igoria.The Head of State is the King,while the Head of Government is the Chancellor.The current chancellor is a far-friend of the King,who lives in Australia,but the King and the Chancellor can talk freely on the internet.


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