Astatin Şövalyeleri

Flag of knighthood

The Astatin Knighthood was founded on the 13th of September 2016, in Western Anatolia on the foothills of Mount Samson. Her founder is agrobiologist, historian, philosopher, soldier and writer Mazlum Umut Kılıç. Astatin is the 85th chemical element. The country and the top of the hierarchy took their name after it. The 85th element Astatin, is the most rarely found element on Earth. The regime of the knighthood is Autocracy. The knights, who consider the whole humanity as their ancestors, do not accept any emphasis on religion and ethnicity, being respectful to the culture, tradition and beliefs at the same time. Instead, culture and philosophy are promoted. Searching for its unity in the consensus of thought and a united stance against evil among its citizens, the knighthood takes fighting against injustice, evil and ignorance as its goal. The State Council, The School of Thought and The Death Squads are the three state bodies.