The Confederacy of The Missouri Provinces is a nation that claimed independence on April 1st, 2013. They originally just claimed the land east of the Missouri River, West of the Mississippi, and South of the 47th parallel. But they now claim that land, along with all the land north of the Arkansas River, and south of the Platte River.


The Nation was governed by "The Articles of The Code of Government". It created a Congress of One person from each Province, and a King to watch over the Congress. But the Nation passed a new constitution, which provided a stronger national government. There is a executive branch of 2 Presidents and 1 King. A tri-cameral Parliament. Yet the Judicial powers are still vested in the Provinces, Territories, and Colonies.


The currency is the Confederation Credit. It is pegged at .79 Credits=1 Pound of Copper. The income of the nation relies on the Missouri Trading Company, and taxes collected from the Provinces. It imports Wood, Coal, Food, and Water. It Exports Gold, Copper, and Aluminum.


Currently Diplomacy is up to the Congress, although the former national congress did have a personal union with the Kingdom of Pacem.


The first two original provinces were the Province of Oradea, and the Province of Bastul. They came together on April 1'st, 2013 to form the Confederacy of The Missouri Provinces. At first, each claimed half of the land of the Nation, but they then both gave up land to the Unorganized Missouri Territory. That land then went to forming the Province of Itlac, and the Province of Motril.


The Organized Territories consist of the Missouri Territory, Mississippi Territory, Roanoake Territory, and the Trisfer Territory. There is one Unorganized Territory. It is the Unorganized Platte Territory. The Organized Territories have their own government, whereas Unorganized Territories do not have their own government and are governed by the Parliament.


There is currently only one Colony, and it is on Roosevelt Island down in the Antarctic. It has its own government, and is going to apply for the status of a Province in June 2014


To apply for citizenship, just got to the website and submit the form.




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