The People's Republic of Xiyandi
Flag of Xiyandi Coat of arms of Xiyandi
MottoLiberty through Labour
AnthemEgmont Overture Finale
CapitalPort Rosa
Largest city Koeksiburg
Official languages English, Zulu, Xhosa
Recognised regional languages German, Afrikaans
Ethnic groups  English, South African, Welsh, German, Other
Government Multi-Party Socialist Parliamentary Republic
 -  President Kim Marcos
Legislature Xiyandan Council
 -  Upper House National Assembly
 -  Lower House People's Assembly
 -  Secession from the United Kingdom 2012 
 -  First Constitution Signed 2013 
 -  The United Republics Founded 2014 
 -  The UDSR Founded 2015 
 -  The People's Republic Founded October 2015 

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The People's Republic of Xiyandi is Democratic-Socialist nation in the southern regions of the British Isles, occupying territories in the Ham Lands and several islands along the River Thames. The nation's founding principle was to create a home for South Africans of any race, but the nation accepts citizens of any racial background and eth h

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