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the PDRR is a micronation, ruled by Premier Raven Karns. It is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist nation that has a bloody, horrible history of War, Revolution, & betrayal. Originally, Ravenia was a kingdom called the Kingdom of Ravenia, ruled by King Raven I. It was established by King Raven I uniting the native tribes into one large kingdom.




Ravenia's Coat of Arms

it was established officially on September 22nd, 2008. After a matter of months, on 1/17/2009, King Raven I became hungry for power and began using his troops to expand. This resulted in him establishing the Empire of Ravenia. all was going well until they stumbled into the land of Galbadia. the Emporer of Galbadia became angry and invaded with a massive army of 150,000 soldiers. After mere hours, the Empire of Ravenia fell and was nothing. But King Raven was far from done ruling. So he re-established the Kingdom of Ravenia. But his people were fed up with this insane monarch, and so, on March 5th, 2010, King Raven I was assassinated by an unknown Assassin. After a month of Chaos his son, King Raven II, took up the throne. After he took the throne, people missed King Raven I. For King Raven II was the most tyrannical leader in all of Ravenia's history. He ruled with an iron fist from the newly founded Capital City of Hjallmerkin. He even tried to invade the Empire of Galbadia. This conflict was the bloodiest in Ravenian History and resulted in King Raven II losing 1/10th of his Kingdom. But due to Economic Failure, Galbadia fell and on 9/10/2012 Ravenia annexed the fallen empire, thus reforming the Ravenian Empire.

the Ravenian Socialist Revolution

After months of destruction & death, King Raven II's son began to feel sympathy for the citizens of his future empire. He soon started to sneak out and go to Communist rallies, after this a revolutionary was born. In April 2013, Raven Karns (Prince Raven III) gathered an army of outraged citizens and attacked Hjallmerkin. This bloody conflict lasted two months, but was the largest war fought on Ravenian soil. On June 10th 2013, King Raven II stepped down, thinking the revolutionaries would spare him. But not soon after, revolutionaries killed him in his sleep. This victory resulted in the formation of a communist-feudalistic country called the Peoples Fiefdom of Ravenia.

Ravenia Now

From the short lived Lundian Colony of New Konigsberg to two bloody civil wars. Ravenia has been through a lot. Today, Ravenia is a peoples Democratic Republic that is in the Union of Micronations an the Union of Soviet Socialist Micronational Republics.

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