The Republic of Riverland is a sovereign republic founded on May 14, 2017. Its official language is Riverian;

however, English is recognized as its secondary language. As of May 14, 2017, it has a total of two residents. It does not call any continent home as it does not own any land.Template:Country Infobox


The government of Riverland contains three branches: the judicial, the executive, and the legislative branch. Read below for more information of each branch of government.

Judicial Branch

The judicial branch of Riverland is the Supreme Court (Cort Soprém). It consists of one to seven judges (but always an odd number); the number is decided by the legislature according to population. At the head of the judges is the Head Judge (Joge Maén). The judicial branch makes decisions on whether laws or actions are constitutional or not. If a law does not align with the Constitution (Constysjón), the law is nullified. If someone breaks a law, the Supreme Court decides the punishment.

Executive Branch

The executive branch is headed by a President (Lyver), who is elected by the people. He or she holds many powers, such as the veto power and the power to command the armed forces. The President appoints his Cabinet (Aversores), which are his main advisors on many different issues that concern the nation.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of Riverland is called the Congress (Congres). It is a bicameral legislature, composed of the House of Representatives (Ja Hose oja Representares) and the Senate (Senate). Representatives of both are elected popularly.

Political Parties

So far, there are five recognized political parties in Riverland. There are the Party oja Séntryres (Centrist Party), the Party oja Nasyonályres (Nationalist Party), the Party oja Sosyályres (Socialist Party), the Party oj Lýbyres (Liberal Party), and the Party oja Lybèrvytýres (Libertarian Party).

Riverian (Language)

Riverian is a very simple language to learn for people who speak English and/or Spanish. It is similar to Romance languages as well as English, and was developed so that many people can learn it without too much trouble.