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Republic of South Grivckia

The defenders are all!
The live in Grivckia
Capital city Zvwerdaviak
Largest city Zvwerdaviak
Official language(s) Romanian,Spanish and Polish
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Demonym Grivckian
Government Parliamentary Government
Juan I
Legislature Parliament
Established 2014
Area claimed 312.679km²
Population 432
Currency Euro and US Dollar
Time zone UTC+7

The Republic of South Grivckia was founded on Januray 6, 2014


the Republic of South Grivckia was created by the Ruler.

Government & PoliticsEdit

the Republic of South Grivckia is a parliamentarian by the Congress of South Grivckia.

Law & OrderEdit

all people need respect humans right.


Grivckia have only 1 military base.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Our Climate is tropical


we use Euro to don't have inconvenient with the European Union.