The Republic of the Fort of XM (conventionally referred to in short form as The Fort of XM) is a micronation founded July 21, 2017, which owns 0.59 square miles of land in Wellsburg, New York, and Antarctica.
Flag of XM

The Flag of XM

Its members claim sovereignty over a small, wooden fort and the land around it

As with most micronations, the number of members ("citizens") has changed wildly with time. In July 2017 it was claimed to exceed 9 people.

Current Status

The Fort of XM's mission statement is "The Fort was created to succeed from the broken USA government." It claims to be organized as a democracy, with various elected bodies and offices, under the oversight of an President (currently the founder Milo Miller). The Republic has not minted coinage, but has created passports, and ID cards. The group's activities are permeated by a great deal of humor and a love of small countries such as Liechtenstein. Annually, the Fort of XM celebrates Independence Day (June 21), Colonization Day(July 22), Liechtenstein Day (December 19), and Publicity Day(March 3). Possibly the single most widespread cultural activity within the Fort of XM is creating wooden weapons for hunting. Recently, it claimed 0.44 square kilometers near it's previous land, and a small island off the coast of Antarctica at ☀-66.243553, -67.201728, which they named the Island of XM, and claimed the moon S/2010 J 1 deeming it the Moon of XM.


The Fort of XM succeeded from the union of July 22, 2017, lead by Milo Miller and a core group of friends. Miller, who founded the nation as a young adult, is presently attending school, while running the Fort of XM.

It's main reason for succession was that President Barack Obama had done in their minds "terrible things" to the Unites States.

In 2017, the first growth in population was triggered thanks to a large number of tourists. In the months following this, the Empire's membership rose to over ten people.


The Fort of XM is a democracy, similar to the United States Government. They are working on building a Senate, and a House of Representatives. The President is Milo RK Miller, Vice President is Jonathan J. Conklin, Secretary is Matthew Brown, and Secretary General is Maize A. Miller.

The president coordinates most activities of the Fort of XM.


The culture of the Fort of XM is mostly based of the wildlife surrounding it, such as hawthorn trees, which are grown for their fruit.

The nation itself has a few holidays, such as Independence Day (June 21), Colonization Day(July 22), Liechtenstein Day (December 19), and Publicity Day(March 3). National symbols include Black Squirrels as the national mammal, Hawthorn Trees as the national tree, Dark Eyed Junco as the national bird, the Bluegill as the national fish, and the Hummingbird Moth as the national insect.

Possibly the single most widespread cultural activity within the Empire is weapon creating, in which 3-4 weapons are created daily.


As with any micronation, the legitimacy of the Fort a nation and/or state is debatable, particularly due to the self-acknowledged claims. The Fort has maintained that it is a real nation and try to gain recognition.. The Fort would have a better chance of obtaining international recognition if weird elements were abandoned, but without these elements, it would no longer be truly the Fort. It has not reached international recognition but hopes to be recognized by many countries.


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