The Sloanian Empire

Loyalty Until Death
Formerly of Indiana
Capital city Cylonia
Largest city Cylonia
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Worship of Moloch
Demonym Sloanians
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Duke Arries Ivy
- Emperor Patrick I
Established September, 9th 2012
Area claimed .10 acres
Population 5
Currency Sloanian Gold Denaria

The Sloanian Empire is a bastion of hope in the dreary continet of North America. It was formed by Emperor Patrick I as an escape from the horrors of capitalism displayed around him.

Geography Edit

The Empire is surrounded by the U.S. It contains two houses and a moderatley large forest. This forest is filled with natural resources, but sadly our engineers haven't found uranium or oil in the forest.

Population Edit

The current population of The Empire is 5, though it is expecting an influx of immigrants from the smoldering ruins that is the American Midwest.


The government is an absolute monarchy with a heirarchy of Princes, Dukes, and Knights. 

Choosing of the HierarchyEdit

The hierarchy is chosen based on deeds done to The Empire, the greater the deed the higher the postion you'll be considered for.

Imperial Blood LineEdit

The Imperial Blood starts with Emperor Patrick I.

Commision of ConsulsEdit

The Consuls will govern the new lands aquired by The Empire.


In the summer of 2012 the dream of two men was to be a gleaming paradise of hope to the abused workers of America. Their dreams came true in the form of The Slonian Empire. The autonomous empire was established with no conflict and has expanded by over 150% in the last few weeks alone.

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