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The Thracian Line
Flag of the Thracian LineThracian FlagThracian Coat of ArmsThracian Coat of Arms

Strength, Loyalty, Victory
Knoxville, TN
Capital city Telephassan Palace
Largest city Pelorus Linea
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) None (secular)
Short name Thracia, The Line
Government Benevolent Dictatorship
- Leader Grand Chancellor Skylar
- Executive Council Chief Senator Danny
Established 2/27/16
Area claimed ~ 6100 Miles
Population ~ 29
Currency US Dollar

The Thracian Line is a micro-nation founded on February 2nd, 2016. The nation is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, but also hold extra-terrestrial properties. The Thracian Line was founded by Grand Chancellor Skylar. Ruled as a benevolent dictatorship, it has a strong sense of nationalism.


The name "Thracian Line" comes from edited versions of geographical areas of Europa. The word "Thrace" is taken from the area on Europa known as the Thrace Macula. The word "Linea" is taken from multiple area's of Europa, serving as a suffix. These names were respectively changed to the Thracian Line, to honor the nation's fascination with space.


The Thracian Line was founded on February 27th, 2016. The nation had been in the works for months prior to its official creation; starting as a faint idea in the back of Grand Chancellor Skylar's mind 2 years ago. 2 years later, him and some close-friends decided to act upon the idea. After collecting a small amount of followers, Grand Chancellor Skylar, Chief Senator Danny, Defense Marshal Jordan, and Director-General Connor put forth the effort to create the nation, create national symbols, and to create a website. The course of this took about two weeks, finally be ready on February 27th.

Geography & Climate

The Thracian Line has many cities; most of them on earth in the Knoxville, TN region. These cities are often covered with trees, have many creeks nearby, and get very humid during the summertime. Unfortunately, these cities receive very little snowfall during the winter times. Temperatures can get from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 98 degrees Fahrenheit on average year-round.


The Line also has two cities in-construction on the Colony of Europa, where temperatures get extremely cold (-250 degrees Fahrenheit to -400 degrees Fahrenheit) and the land is very barren. There are few craters on Europa, and a huge ocean resides under the huge layers of ice and rock . The Thracian Line also owns a sun named Nikephoros.


  • Telephassan Palace, Knoxville
  • South-Eastern Province, Knoxville
  • Sector A, Knoxville
  • Sector B, Knoxville
  • Pelorus Linea, Europa
  • Pwyll, Europa

Government & Politics

The Thracian Line runs under a Benevolent Dictatorship, with Grand Chancellor Skylar serving as it's leader. Underneath the Grand Chancellor resides the Executive Council, who is a council of political figures and senators. The senators of this council serve as the Chancellor's main advisers. Only six senators (excluding the Chief Senator) can be appointed to the council at once. Elections are held for a new Grand Chancellor whenever the current one dies or resigns. Political parties may also take over the Executive Council, if they are able to win a yearly vote (although the chances of this happening are very slim). A organization called the National Committee of Internal Affairs (NCIA) is also present to root out corrupt politicians or council members; having the ability to arrest, demote, and possibly exile them.


The Thracian Line has a rather large military, who serves to protect the Thracian land and colonies; but they can also be used for war if necessary. The military is mostly led by Defense Marshal Jordan.The military is divided into five branches, some of them being larger and more used than others. The branches are: The Army, The Airforce, The Navy, The Space Fleet, and The Thracian Special Forces (TSF).


Thracian Army Flag

Thracian Army flag

The Army branch is the main fighting force of The Thracian Line.This branch specializes in land-based combat and as such is the most used branch in the military. Because of this, the Thracian Army Flag is often used to represent the entire military.

Air force

Thracian Airforce Flag

Air force flag

The Air force branch is used for air-based operations.They mostly use technologies such as drones to provide surveillance.


Thracian Navy Flag

Navy flag

The Navy branch is used for all water-based operations. They are often used for protecting bodies of water (and the area around). This includes lakes, creeks, rivers, etc.

Space Fleet

Thracian Space Fleet Flag

Space Fleet flag

The Space Fleet, while apart of the military, doubles as the Thracian space program and a scientific research agency. This branch is specifically used for protecting colonies and extra-terrestrial properties, but are also used in claiming new planets, stars, colonies, and etc, all the while studying them.

Thracian Special Forces (TSF)

Thracian Special Forces

TSF flag

The TSF is an elite branch of the military used for taking on top-priority and secretive operations.


The Thracian Line is a very mixed bag of political beliefs, backgrounds, and religions. There is no established religion in The Line nor political viewpoint, so citizens are encouraged to be a proud individual while serving and being involved in the nation appropriately. Most of the Thracian people have an interest in space of some sort, considering the nation owns extra-terrestrial property of several sorts. As of now, The Thracian Line only has one national holiday: "Formation of the Line. Every February 27th, a festival is thrown to celebrate the founding of the Thracian Line. This is Nationally celebrated with feasts, parades, parties, firework displays, and mass gatherings.


The Thracian Line Has a stable economy although it does not have any exports or imports as of now. Current funds are being spent on patriotic items such as flags and posters to decorate cities. The Line has also used funds to buy properties in the past, like the sun Nikepohoros.

Foreign Relations

The Thracian Line is not recognized as an independent nation by the United States.

The Thracian Line is currently not allied or enemies with any country, and is open for foreign relations with any micro-nation. The Thracian Line can be contacted on the Thracian Line website.

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