The Thracian Line
Flag of the Thracian LineComflagnewThracian Coat of ArmsNewcoatofarmsvaiant2

"Everything for Everyone, Nothing for Ourselves!"
Worker's Marseillaise
Tennessee, United States
Capital city People's Palace of Socialism
Largest city Eastborne Province
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) None (State Atheism)
Short name Thracia, The Line
Demonym Thracian
Government Single Party Communist State
- Chairman of Communist Party Chairman S. Nelenaizic
- Thracian Communist Party General Secretary D. Tempist
Established 2/27/16
Area claimed ~18 Miles
Population ~21 , -11 registered
Currency US Dollar
Time zone Eastern Time (EST)
National sport Association Football (Soccer)
National animal Fire Ant

The Thracian Line is a micro-nation founded on February 2nd, 2016. The nation is located nearby Knoxville, Tennessee, but also holds extra-terrestrial properties. The Thracian Line was founded by Chairman Nelenaizic; premier of the Thracian Communist Party.


The name "Thracian Line" comes from edited versions of geographical areas of Europa, and is influenced by the ancient tribesman once located in central Europe. The word "Thrace" is taken from the area on Europa known as the Thrace Macula. The word "Linea" is taken from multiple area's of Europa, serving as a suffix. These names were respectively changed to the Thracian Line, to honor the nation's fascination with space.


The Thracian Line was founded on February 27th, 2016. The nation had been in the works for months prior to its official creation; starting as a faint idea in the back of Nelenaizic's mind two years before (2014). Two years later, him and some close-friends decided to act upon the idea. After collecting a small amount of followers, the group put forth the effort to create the nation, create national symbols, and to create a website. The course of this took about two weeks, finally be ready on February 27th.


During the fall of 2016, rising concerns of corruption and inequality led then-leader S. Nelenaizic to reconsider the "Benevolent" dictatorship he once led. Nelenaizic had a vision of a communist country that placed it's concern in its people rather than its leaders. Since the nation is comprised of many people who were raised in the United States, many were against the change due to their hatred of communism.

During the fall, many debates raged onward as the population was split on what to do with their country. Fearing the breakup of the Thracian Line, Tempist, Vasil, and Nelenaizic spearheaded the movement to turn Thracia communist. The three relieved themselves of their positions and formed an unofficial communist movement against the executive council, which was comprised of former friends of the three.In the wake of this, The Thracian Armed Forces temporarily disbanded to form an insurrectionist movement in support of the communist movement during the revolution. At this point they were leaderless, and became known as the "National Front for Socialist Liberation".

By December, many of the fascist officials in charge of the executive council had fled the country or had become too inactive in the country's affairs. The communist revolutionaries and the National Front for Socialist Liberation took this chance to dissolve the executive council and remove all fascist symbols from the country.

On December 10th, 2016, the people of the Thracian Line officially changed their country from a dictatorship to a single-party communist state by forming the Thracian Communist Party. The many inactive and impeding individuals were terminated from government positions and new people were appointed to such positions. Many changes were made to the governing system and military structure; like the removal of the secret police; instead removing them and creating a more organized and less corrupt political system. After this, new national symbols and flags were adopted.

Geography & Climate


Map of the Thracian Line

The Thracian Line has many cities; most of them on the earth mainland, which is located in the Knoxville, TN region. These cities are often covered with trees, have many creeks nearby, and get very humid during the summertime. Unfortunately, these cities receive very little snowfall during the winter times. Temperatures can get from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 98 degrees Fahrenheit on average year-round.

Extra-terrestrial Properties

The Line has many properties within the Thracian Space Coalition; Europa and Mimas.

The Line also has two work-sites in construction on the Colony of Europa, where temperatures get extremely cold (-250 degrees Fahrenheit to -400 degrees Fahrenheit) and the land is very barren. There are few craters on Europa, and a huge ocean resides under the huge layers of ice and rock .

On Mimas, only one site is under construction, which is located at the center of Mimas' world famous crater known as "Herschel". Mimas is composed mostly of water ice with only a small amount of rock. The surface of Mimas is also extremely cold, with lows of -350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Thracian Line also owns a sun named Nikephoros.


Flag Name Size Population (Registered)
Peoplespalaceofsocialism.png People's Palace of Socialism ~2.5 Miles 5
Eastborneprovince.png Eastborne Province ~12 Miles 1
Westerlight.png Westerlight ~2 Miles 3
Valhaven.png Valhaven ~1 Mile 2

Government & Politics

Main article: Thracian Communist Party

The Thracian Line is a single party communist state which believes in Marxism-Leninism. The country is led by the Thracian Communist Party, led by Chairman Nelenaizic and supported by other officials like Secretariat Tempist and Grand Marshal Vasil.

The TCP has worked to accomplish many invaluable contributions to society and works; solving social issues, creating social justices, and even establishing an advanced agricultural and industrial focus. The TCP has proven to be a much more effective and socially supportive government than the previous "benevolent dictatorship"; assuring the TCP will be leading Thracia indefinitely.

Government Agencies

The Line has several agencies owned and funded by the government that have specific roles in Thracian society. Below is a complete list of the agencies.

Thracia News International

This organization is the government-sponsored news agency of the Thracian Line. They are tasked with reporting reliable and trustworthy news to the people. Often times, they report on weather, sports, holidays/celebrations, and international affairs.

Thracian Space Coalition

For all of the extra-terrestrial colonies, they are all grouped under an organization called the Thracian Space Coalition. This organization groups all moons, planets, suns, systems, etc. claimed by Thracia. This organization also works as Thracia's national space program, and can claim new regions of space. This organization is mostly used for research and educational purposes.

Communist Youth league

For upcoming politicians and well educated individuals, this program is a fantastic way to introduce the future of the nation to the country's politics, history, and economic policies. Much like a "summer-camp" league members are given special uniforms carrying the Youth League's patch. Members can start the program at the age of 5 and continue until the age of 18 if desired.

Ministry of State Security

The police force of The Thracian Line. Officers are tasked with making arrests on unlawful individuals or groups endangering the people and or the state. Thankfully, due to the almost non-existent crime rate, being an officer is not a very strenuous job; Thracia is a relatively peaceful and crime-free place within it's borders.

Thracian National Football (Soccer) Team

This, if not obvious, is The Line's national soccer team. Currently the team is still recruiting members, and as of now will not be participating in any competitive matches, just local/friendly matches.

Thracian Armed Forces

The Thracian Line has a decently sized military known as the Thracian Armed Forces, who protect the country. The military is divided into five branches, some of them being larger and more used than others. The branches are: The Thracian People's Army, Air force Command, The Thracian People's Navy, and the Thracian Special Forces.


The Thracian Armed Forces were formed on the 3/14/16, which was led by the Executive Council. Before the revolution, the military had virtually no members and was very inactive. The Thracian Armed Forces temporarily disbanded to form an insurrectionist movement in support of the communist movement during the revolution. At this point they were leaderless, and became known as the "National Front for Socialist Liberation". Shortly after in December, the military made their first deployment: they made a direct move on the crumbling Executive Council. There the armed forces made three arrests. The three who were arrested were later exiled from the country. After the new government was brought to power, the armed forces reformed into what it is today.


The Thracian Armed Forces serve to protect the Thracian lands and the state; but they can also be used for war if necessary. The military is led by Grand Marshal Vasil, who was appointed by the TCP in the wake of the dissolution of the Executive Council. Currently, the armed forces have five active duty personnel and two reserves, with seven others who are fit for military conscription.


Thracian People's Army


The Army branch is the main fighting force of The Thracian Line, having the largest amount of active personnel. This branch specializes in land-based combat and as such is the most used branch in the military. Because of this, the Thracian Army Flag is often used to represent the entire military.

Air Force Command

Airforcecommand AFC
The Air force branch is used for air-based operations, and doubles as a space fleet and research institute.They mostly use technologies such as drones and ships to provide surveillance, sometimes colonizing extraterrestrial properties.

Thracian People's Navy


The Navy branch is used for all water-based operations. They are often used for protecting bodies of water (and the area around). This includes lakes, creeks, rivers, etc. This is the smallest branch within the Thracian military.

Thracian Special Forces


The TSF is an elite branch of the military used for taking on top-priority and secretive operations. Not much else is known about them.


The Thracian Line is a very mixed bag of people from many different backgrounds. There is no religion in The Line and citizens are encouraged to be a proud individual while serving and being involved in the nation appropriately. Most of the Thracian people have an interest in space of some sort, considering the nation owns extra-terrestrial properties.

As of now, The Thracian Line only has three national holidays:

  • "Formation of the Line" -February 27th, to celebrate the founding of the Thracian Line
  • "The Day of Triumph" -December 10th, to celebrate the successful communist revolution
  • "International Workers Day" -May 1st, to celebrate labourers and the working classes

These days are nationally celebrated with feasts, parades, parties, firework displays, and mass gatherings.


The Thracian Line has a stable economy although it does not have any exports or imports as of now; a much better state than what it had been under the fascist dictatorship. Current funds are being spent on two things: patriotic items such as flags and posters to decorate cities, and new government agencies with the purpose of aiding the people. The Line has also used funds to buy properties in the past, like the sun Nikephoros.

Foreign Relations

Below is a list of nations Thracia has had diplomatic relations with.

Flag Nation Type Date
Flag of CFRY.png Communist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia Alliance/Recognition 5/10/2017

The Thracian Line is not recognized as an independent nation by the United States.

The Thracian Line is open for foreign relations with most micro-nations, especially if they are socialist or communist in nature. Fascist dictatorships are the arch enemy of Thracia, and as such Thracia will not be opening negotiations with such countries.

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