The Trotskyist Micronation of Dekia

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History of Dekia

In May 3rd, A micro nation called Dekia started. Later, the micro nation disbanded. However, on May 21 2016, the micro nation recreated. It is a Trotskyist Democracy. Currently, the Chancellor/Consul is Max.


1 No matter what, everyone gets equal rights

2 The council is made up of workers

3 To keep diversity, there is no major religion

4 Capital Punishment is cruel

Its flag pays homage to Palestine. It has a Chakra for equality and peace. It also has the 4th International Logo on it to. The Chakra is not meant for its religious meaning, even though Dekia has a Hindu citizen.


In Dekia, a main sport is Basketball. .

Political Parties

Each candidate/Council Member can join up to two political parties.

Liberal Republicans-2 Seats, Grand Chancellor Comrade

Centre Wings-1 seat

Trotskyist-Marxists- 2 seat Grand Chancellor Comrade

Independents-1 seat

Right Moderate-Centre No seats

How the Politics Work

At every council meeting, at least 2 members must be present to have the meeting. The Grand Chancellor/consul gives ideas and they vote on it. Also the council may vote on laws that they want to make and the Chancellor will pass them.

Summer 2016 Elections

During June, the first stage of elections will start. The only committed Candidates are Max and R.

Unrecognized Countries

Dekia doesn't recognize the following countries:


North Korea

The United States of America


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