Imperial flag new

name               = The United Empire of Ferrum

motto              = "United we are strong, like a mighty brick wall"

anthem             = link[1]

location           = The Virtual World, The realm of the future

capital            = Diamond City

largest city       = Diamond City

languages          = Diimgraph

religions          = Christian

short name          = The Ferrum Empire

demonym            = Ferrumians (Feh-Rooh-Mee-Ans)

government         = Monarchy

head of government = Emperor Ferrum Princeps the I

area               = awaiting count

population         = 3

population_notes   = (as of 2017 census I)

currency           = Diemcomecs Link[2]

national sport          = Sandbox game mining contests

national animal         = Fox

web                =

The United Empire of Ferrum is a neo-micronation established by Emperor Ferrum Princeps the I on September 24, 2015. It has a very interesting history, originally being a gaming clan. It does not claim sovereignty in the physical realm, instead it claims sovereignty in the virtual world.


The empire aims to have a teamwork aspect as apposed to the anarchy of other gaming clans that it will defend against in the virtual realm hence the "united", ferrum is latin for iron and iron is a symbol of power and strength

History-Ancient Era

The United Empire of Ferrum has a very interesting history, originally being started many years ago as a mere team on a video game pvp server called pirate cove, at that time Cove War I broke out on the server. On one side there was the Aquaneers, The Atlanteen Navy, and the Navy. On the other side there was Penguins, the Erudite, CandyNestea (player not a team), and Egretta (player not a team). There were also other brigades involved but they played a smaller part and I forgot them because this all happened when I was 12-13. Tj (AKA Yacht Crafter, the server owner) was the leader of the Aquaneers, Diamond Knight was the leader of the Navy, Fithwheel was the leader of the Penguins, and PineapplePegasus was the leader of the Erudite. The war dated back to around the beginning of the server but the Navy was pulled in to it when Diamond Knight was in his castle and CandyNestea (an admin) attacked in full ice armor, which in that video game in that version was the best armor in the game. Diamond Knight and his brigade hid in a metal panic room in the castle basement. Nestea eventually broke in and pushed the Navy up against the wall. At the time Diamond Knight did not know that on that server admins were allowed to be battled like normal players. Diamond Knight and his brigade ran out of the castle. Eventually TJ told him that admins played as normal players except for their banning server rule breaker duties. The war dragged on and the castle was eventually destroyed. Diamond Knight and his brigade built a stationary wooden ship on the waters near the castle. That was their new base until Nestea destroyed it. Over time Diamond Knight and his brigade fought mainly nestea, and many of the Navy members became inactive. Tj was looking for Nelson at all costs, Diamond Knight eventually became such a close ally with him Tj showed him his secret impenetrable lave base. There was a misunderstanding in the base that led Tj to kick Diamond Knight out, and Diamond Knight declared war on him. One day there was an epic duel with Tj and Egretta where Diamond Knight accidentally broke a server rule and was banned.

Time passed and the Navy Evolved into Diamond's army. Diamond Knight was in middle school at the time and his friend, Alexander the squeaker, I think joined Diamond's army and played together on a battle strategy beach game. Over time Diamond's army played on small scale strategy games until one day. Pirate Cove 2 came out, and Diamond Knight went on as Agent Pickaxe, hoping to throw off TJ with a name he did not recognize, but blew his cover quickly. Cove war II began, and it was mainly against TJ this time.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Your band of 3 rebels vs. my army of 20. Same old, same old." - TJ

Agent Pickaxe spent the first part of the war running and hiding in an underground base. Eventually he got the gear to go up to the surface and he fought off TJ's new alliance: The New Republic. Unlike Cove War I where much of the server was against TJ, Cove War II saw much of the server on TJ's side. Cove war II saw the introduction of titanium, an area protected spawn, and jet packs as it came out after a major game update. Agent Pickaxe pretty much solo fought like a rebel against TJ's new republic. Agent Pickaxe burned down paradise pines with an ember as there were some leaves hanging out of the area protection. Agent pickaxe eventually got lots of ice armor and meat (to heal health as it did that instantly in that game) Over time TJ took a break and Agent Pickaxe mostly fought against his allies, eventually he found a floating city above the south pole and lived mainly peacefully there. Over time he became moderator, then administrator. The server eventually died down and became inactive.

Over time the empire evolved into Diamond's empire and Diamond Knight made the website and the forum, originally the empire used American military ranks like private, sergeant, and lieutenant.

History-Old empire

Diamond's empire eventually found a game called Minetest, Diamond Knight found a world called Free Pizza. He went on the world and played a bit and eventually got into some minor skirmishes. At the time Diamond Knight wielded a red light blade as the world was modded, and he was a villain. He at one time dueled 3 diamond armored players single handedly with one arm in a sling in real life. This was the height of Diamond Knight's dueling ability. This was known as The Free Pizza War. The Free pizza conflict was mostly comprised of small 1v~3 skirmishes. Eventually Diamond Knight made an alt named Diamond Ingot who posed as an innocent who was captured by Diamond Knight. He convinced everyone that they were 2 separate people until 1 day bublegumgirl said she was going to take over that world and briefly turned evil. Diamond Ingot then revealed himself and dueled bublegumgirl in an epic duel, Diamond Knight switched sides and became a hero again. The Free Pizza War heated up even more. Bublegumgirl then the next day covered it up and pretended that Diamond Knight was the evil conqueror. They fought on until the server went down.

Lots of time passed

The empire over time evolved into The Diamond Empire, and it's ranks became more original, and Diimgraph was made.

One day Diamond Knight went on to modern day Skwatel and started playing. Over time Diamond Knight freed the server from it's state of mindless anarchy, got a small recun army, and started the first modern imperial digital city. There was resistance though, anarchists who did not like rules against spawnkilling, Skwatel War I started. MTB and Turtle were the leaders of the rebellion. There was much teeter tottering of imperial control, and a few times the rebels ruled everything and ruthless spawnkillers ran free. Crimpsonknight joined the rebels and became their head of advertizing. He also created an anarchist website out of spite. Around this time the empire became enemies with the jayixthenland-umardoloth empire.

"Well derrrrrrrrrp you diamondknight." - Crimpsonknight

Time passed and a hacker convinced most of the military to join him and exploit a bug that let you leave the map. The rest of the recuns became inactive. The rebels retook the server and even to this day anarchy and backstabbing prevail there. Diemcomecs were introduced. Diamond Knight formed a school club for the empire hoping to resolve the recruiting crisis. The equipment for different military ranks was changed to be more powerful. The empire declared war with Aquila. An imperial commando named Titan went on to the minecraft server Aquila was on and soon became Count Titan for his loyalty to the empire and being the first imperial commando.


Eventually The Diamond Empire evolved into The United Empire of Ferrum. Diamond Knight became Ferrum Princeps. The public flag changed for the first time. The imperial club was disbanded at the school due to all clubs being disbanded. Count Titan raided Aquila a few times and destroyed their torture ovens. The city of Diamond city was founded around this time on May 14, 2017. Count Titan continued sneaking around Aquila and found out most of the towns were Nazi and fled to the neutral country of Mount Augusta. Diamond city was attacked on May 15, 2017 by fahdfahd. Ferrum bravely defended the city as fahdfahd tried pillaring up using cobblestone. Ferrum Princeps won the duel and the city was safe. The city walls were subsequently put under construction to be made taller and a roof made over the city.

Government and politics

The government of The United Empire of Ferrum is mainly a monarchy but has elements of democracy. A constitution is being currently written for the politicians and nobles to follow.

Law and order

The imperial law is available on the official imperial website.

Foreign relations

The United Empire of Ferrum has not found any worthy "neighbors" to do diplomacy with


The military of The United Empire of Ferrum is composed of gamers as it is a virtual state and frowns upon "IRL" violence.

Geography and climate

The United Empire of Ferrum is a virtual state...


The United Empire of Ferrum gains most of it's revenue (in Diemcomecs) from the virtual mining industry.


The United Empire of Ferrum frowns upon racism, sailormouth, and values education and strategy


The United Empire of Ferrum communicates through the official forum. News will be posted on a news page of the main website in the future.

See also


External links

Official website[4]

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