GDP $150,000 $30,000 per captia $75,000 per adult
population 5 citizens living inside the nation 23 citizens living outside the nation's territory
leader Chancellor Leon Alberto Lavictoire assumed office 21st december 2016 with a majority of 7 out of 13 voters next election 21st december 2021
time zone GMT -1 minute
official religion none
area 0.0225km2 0.0139808518 miles2 22.5m2
founded 21st december 2016
founder Leon Alberto Lavictoire

the micronational republic of Copthorne is a small micronation within Copthorne in the UK founded on december 21st 2016 by leon alberto lavictoire. its territory consists of a house, a front garden and a back garden measuring roughly 40 meters by 15 meters (0.0225km2 or 22.5m2.) it has a permanent population of 5 people and 2 cats as well as 23 additional citizens living in the UK meaning the total number of human citizens is 28. the GDP of the nations permanent population is $150,000 making the GDP per capita $ 30,000 and with 2 adults per adult the GDP is $75,000. the current chancellor is Leon Alberto Lavictoire he was elected on the 21st December 2016 by 7 out 13 voters at the election and will be up for election again in the next general election on the 21st December 2021. the used currency is the great british pound (GBP) and the ceremonial currency is the copthorne dollar(CD) with the symbol for the currency is c$.its time zone is 1 minute behind GMT. there is no official religion and the republic welcomes all people equally there is a total freedom of speech,political beliefs and religious affiliation (including no religion.) the chancellor is an atheist but he does not care what religion citizens are and holds no political or religious prejudices or grudges whatsoever. The official website is https:\\copgov.wordpress .com

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