The program for translating articles from the English Microwiki to the Russian branch of MicroWiki is my project for the development of diplomatic and cultural ties between the micronations of the CIS and micronations of the Western Hemisphere. Russian representatives of the micro-national community are interested in the history of micronations and virtual states, culture and other aspects related to you. I set a goal to increase the amount of data and articles on the micronation of the western hemisphere in Russian micro-national Wiki projects. In this article-list you can ask to create an article (or series of articles) about your micronation or virtual state, below is an example for the application.

Example for the application

Greetings! I am "the representative of a state" and would like to ask you that you would create an article (or a series of articles about my micronation)

My micronation is called "somehow" and has "some kind of state system," my contacts:

Participant name in MicroWiki:




This is just an example. I ask each application to write with instructions (which articles to translate and so on). I'll send the answer to the contacts you specified

Completed work

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