Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist
Holy Gearlist Flag
This micronation is no longer active.
Official language: English, Maori, NZSL, Enigma
Capital: E3
Date founded: February 23rd, 2015
Date disestabished: June 27th, 2015
Peak Number of Citizens: claimed to be 30+
System of Government: theocratic Unitary state
Currency:New Zealand Dollar

The Theocratic Unitary State of Holy Gearlist, abbreviated as HSG (Holy States of Gearlist), are a number of theocratic states based in the Wakatipu Basin of New Zealand. They claim to have triumphed over other the micronations in the Wakatipu (Republic of Frigus and the Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu) to become the dominant micronation in the area. The unitary state is a theocracy run by the Holy Church of Gearlist and follows socialist ideals and values.



the Wakatipu basin

The Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist are situates within the Wakatipu Basin, a natural 'bowl formed by ancient glaciers in the the Otargo central lakes. The Unitary States are at approximately 45 degrees south maxing the HSG one of the most southerly nations.

New Zealand

The HSG resides within the nation of New Zealand, a small island nation in the south Pacific. New Zealand is former member of the British Empire

The Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist residing within New Zealand

and a currant member of the Commonwealth. Due to this New Zealand's head of State is the constitutional monarch Queen Elizabeth II and therefore the head of state for the HSG is also Queen Elizabeth II. The currant Prime Minister is John Key who leads the New Zealand National Party and is opposed by the New Zealand Labor Party. As a result of being within New Zealand the HSG abides by New Zealand's law and uses the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) as currency.


Being so far south the HSG endures many cold winters and heavy snow but little rain due to the mountain ranges surrounding the Basin, the average temperature around 14°C in winter. However due to geography of the Central Lakes and New Zealand's Position on the earth the HSG receives very hot dry summers with little wind or rain. Autumn and Spring consist of frequent rainfalls and relatively warm. However the Wakatipu is prone to some extreme conditions, temperatures reaching to a minimum of -8°C or maximum of 34°C.


The HSG of Gearlist although a micro nation still has a variety of demographics which are fairly consistent.


The population of the HSG is unknown at the moment as Citizenship applications are still being processed, to receive an application form contact this email:


The HSG is predominantly New Zealand European but there are some minor ethnicity's such as English.


The HSG's official languages are similar to New Zealand's with English, New Zealand sign language, Maori and Enigma as official languages. English is the language spoken by the majority of the population but Enigma is used by some high ranking members of Holy Gearlist.


The Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist was created on the 23/02/2015 as a result of a religious coup against the Fascist Socialist Union of the Wakatipu leader Campbell Britton and his supporters, however this event was years in the making and was the main goal of Holy Gearlist for many years.

Holy Gearlist

The Holy Church of Gearlist was established in late 2013 by the four fathers shortly before they undertook an expedition into the New Zealand wilderness. One farther was immediately deemed a Heretic for he refused to read the holy work of Gearlist. The remaining three were Patrick Sanford, Thomas Jarvis and Campbell Britton, as these three fathers delved deeper into the wild their only companion was Holy Gearlist. when the three emerged they pledged to make Gearlist Great.

The Republic of Frigus

Shortly after the founding of Holy Gearlist, Hugh Taylor founded the democratic micro-nation of Frigus. The country was led by the democratic party under the leadership of Hugh, however a large communist movement led to formation of the Communist party led by Campbell Britton. As the Communist party grew in size and power Campbell fell off the righteous path of Gearlist in pursuit of the Frigus Leadership. Thomas and Patrick believed that the first step towards making Gearlist great was to establish Gearlist as the Governing body of Frigus, however Gearlist was not liked by many in Frigus so they waited until a time when they could reveal the Frigus leader's fascist intents.

Treason trial of Campbell Britton

Late in 2014 President Hugh Taylor of the Frigus Republic attempted to convict Campbell Britton of treason and cyber terrorism. The communist party contained the entire command structure of the Frigus military and also validated Frigus as a republic, because of the fact there were no other opposition parties in the Frigus congress. though convicted, the communist party went ahead and created the Socialist Union at 1:15pm,  granting asylum to the general secretary and forced the Frigus government to drop charges.

The Socialist Union of the Wakatipu

The breakaway Frigus communist party immediately formed the Socialist Union of the Wakatipu still led by Campbell Britton and claimed all Frigus territory. With the creation of the SUW and the departure of Frigus VP Colin, Frigus soon collapsed and  on the 12/02/2015 Frigus was dissolved by Hugh Taylor. The Holy Church of Gearlist changed their plan now to eliminate Campbell Britton and assume control of the micro-nation.


On the 23/02/2015 Gearlist leaders Patrick Sanford and Thomas Jarvis deposed Campbell Britton and assumed control of the SUW. Campbell had put all power over his country in the two leaders of Gearlist and was therefore powerless when they issued the religious coup. Campbell was revealed to the SUW as a Fascist dictator who didn't keep promises and wanted what was only best for him. Campbell refused to accept this fact but was powerless in the face of Holy Gearlist.

The Holy State of Gearlist

The SUW was quickly renamed to The Holy State of Gearlist and Patrick Sanford assumed control of the

Holy Gearlist Seal-0

Holy Gearlist Seal

micro-nation as the first Pontifex Maximus of Holy Gearlist. All SUW citizens joined the HSG except for Campbell Britton and Divesh Singh who formed a terrorist organisation known as the Democratic Union of the Wakatipu which is headed by the Communist party and has no other parties in the nation stating:"The nation has banned opposition parties to ensure that socialism is un-hindered by multi party elections." This defeats the image of a Democratic state allowing Holy Gearlist's to prove of the state as being a totalitarian terrorist organisation and most certainly not a Democratic Union. Holy Gearlist quickly formed a governing body and began repairing the country. Later the HSG was renamed the The Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist in order to better represent the nation.

Second treason trial of Campbell Britton

After assuming control of the HSG Holy Gearlist established a Justice system and launched a trial of terrorist leader Campbell Britton. Britton was charged with and found guilty of:

  • Hindering HSG affairs
  • Promoting other religions or governing bodies
  • conspiring against Holy Gearlist
  • Treason
  • Heresy

Campbell Britton was eventually sentenced to Exile and given the title of Heretic along with Divesh Singh, Hugh Taylor and Joshua Monroe.

First summit

After it became apparent that Holy Gearlist would not step down as head of the HSG the leader of the Democratic Union of the Wakatipu called a summit in a bid to be formally recognized and end the cold war. The summit went ahead as planned except the pontiffs of the HSG refused to acknowledge the existence of the terrorist organisation saying that it was one persons pathetic attempt at a protest against Holy Gearlist. The pontiffs then informed the terrorist that all his previous followers had seen the truth and had given themselves over to Holy Gearlist and forgiven. The terrorist leader then left the summit stating that he would continue to protest. shortly after the closing of the summit the former terrorist Divesh Singh who had been charged with Heresy for conspiring against Holy Gearlist was forgiven and ha the title of Heretic removed.

Spreading of Holy Gearlist

The primary objective of the Church of Holy Gearlist is to spread the word of Holy Gearlist to other nations, the first action taken by the church was to approach other nations and inform them of Holy Gearlist, Unfortunately while many saw that Holy Gearlist was the true divine overlord some were blinded by the heretics lies and such governments such as the FUSR were denounced and forgotten.

Condemning of the terrorist.

The upper council of Holy Gearlist, horrified by the actions taken by the heretic, called a vote on whether or not to condemn the actions of the terrorist group the DUW. A landslide victory for the supporters followed and the DUW was condemned by Holy Gearlist as a terrorist organisation that removed the public's right to choice of governance and free speech, a horrific breach of the peoples basic human rights.

Dissolution of The Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist

at 5:30 18/06/2015 Pontifex Maximus Patrick Sanford officially dissolved the nation stating: "Holy Gearlist's plan was never to create a great micronation but to remove the presence of micronationalism in the Wakatipu permanently as it is purely a source of conflict and resentment. The coup over the DUW was in-order to gain control over the micronations, if we had simply dissolved it right away their leader would refuse to acknowledge the event happened, this way micronationalism has dissolved in the Wakatipu and now is the time to dissolve the HSG." The Pontifex Maximus also stated that he implores other micronations to follow suit and dissolve as they are a needless source of international conflict and resentment. Holy Gearlist continues as a prominent religion in the former HSG territories and continues their religious practices.


The Holy church of Gearlist maintains complete control over HSG and enforces a strict domestic policy of obedience and faith. Holy Gearlist is headed by the Pontifex Maximums and various Pontiffs, the rest of the church consists of scriba pontificius' and are given ministerial positions to help run HSG


Holy Gearlist holds a complex and high functioning political system which minimizes corruption and anarchy. The hierarchy system of Holy Gearlist is as follows: a civilian may be promoted to Scriba Pontificus if a Pontiff deems them worthy. A Scriba Pontificus may only be promoted to Pontiff when their fellow Scriba Pontificus' elect nominate them for promotion through a majority vote, the council of Pontiffs will then vote on whether the Scriba Pontificus will become Pontiff. A Pontifex Maximus is only elected if the majority of Holy Gearlist votes for a new Pontifex Maximus, the council of Pontiffs then vote for which of them will become the new Pontifex Maximus, to be elected Pontifex Maximus the individual must obtain 100% of the votes, if this is not achieved then the vote will be held again. The Pontifex Maximus is the only individual able to demote Pontiffs. Both Pontiffs and the Pontifex Maximus are able to demote Scriba Pontificus'. If an individual wishes to change/add a policy they must convince a Pontiff or the Pontifex Maximus to put it it forward to the council of Pontiffs for consideration and a vote, the proposal will only be passed with a majority vote, the Pontifex Maximus is allowed to vote in the council of Pontiffs for such votes.

Government positions

Name Position
Patrick Sanford 

Pontifex Maximus

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Justice
  • Magistrate

Thomas Jarvis


  • Minister of State Security
  • Minister of Military Crusades
  • Minister of Nex
Hamish Attenbourgh

Scriba Pontificius

  • Minister of Immigration
  • Head of the Unions
Josh Hill


  • Minister of internal affairs
  • Head of Newspapers and documentation

James Simpson

Scriba Pontificius

  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Religious Crusades


Domestic Policy

The Theocratic Unitary State of Holy Gearlist is a collection of unitary states spread over the Wakatipu Basin controlled by a theocracy run by the Holy Church of Gearlist. The Church of Gearlist believes in socialism and equality where all citizens are treated equally as long as they follow HSG law.

Justice System

The first action taken by Holy Gearlist as head of HSG was to create a justice system in order to trial Campbell Britton. Holy Gearlist runs a policy of having one judge and no jury. The judge will accuse the defendant, charge the defendant with a crime, sentence them appropriately and carry out the chosen sentence. The defendant is allowed a lawyer if they want but are not allowed to defend the accused. The defendant is not allowed to defend themselves. The defendant’s actions before the trail is their defense.

An individual may be charged with any crime by anyone and the magistrate will call a court hearing if the accusation is deemed legitimate by the magistrate. Once the magistrate the verdict is effective immediately yet the case my be reopened if new evidence arises or if the magistrate under orders of a majority vote from the council of Pontiff's(including Pontifex Maximus) to forgive the accused.

Crimes and punishments

The list of Holy Gearlist's crimes and their respective punishments are as follows:

  • Hindering HSG affairs:
    • Temporary suspension from all roles, responsibilities and privileges within Holy Gearlist 

  • Promoting other religions or governing bodies.
    • Removal from all roles, responsibilities and privileges within Holy Gearlist

  • Conspiring against Holy Gearlist
    • EXILE
      • To have all power, roles, responsibilities and privileges removed as well as the defendant’s citizenship. The accused is from then on barred from all HSG affairs.
  • Treason
    • To be exiled and be forever branded as a Heretic

  • Heresy - To be found guilty of being a Heretic
    • Holy Gearlist will not recognize the individual as human being but as a Heretic and the Judge may assign any sentence he or she deems appropriate for such a blasphemous title.

Any crime commited outside HSG or is not listed above falls under the juristiction of the New Zealand police.

Foreign policy

The Holy Church of Gearlist maintains an assertive foreign policy and treats micro-nations attempting to annex sections of HSG appropriately. The HSG is not however a militaristic state and brings down opposing governments with politics and reveals their leader for who they are, a fascist pig. Citizens of annexed micro-nations are given a free citizenship if they agree to follow Gearlist or if they refuse are dealt with appropriately

Foreign relations

Holy Gearlist being a relitively new micronation has had to fight for independace and recognision, this has given birth to the assertive forien policy which has lead to the following micronations being the target of the new policy.

Name Current Relations
Republic of Frigus 
SUW flag

Socialist union of the Wakatipu


New Micronation Flag

Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu

not recognizing

600px-Flag of SFR Yugoslavia.svg-0
Federated Union of Socalist Republics
Meowian Empire
Diplomatic ties
Ju5tinfigureian Flag
Strong aliance
The Flag of the Royal Co-Principality of Zimlandia2
Strong alliance and defence pact

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