Theodorist Union
Flag of the Theodorist Union

God Save the King
Canada, Mexico, United States
Capital city Tijuana (de jure)
Official language(s) English, French
Demonym Theodorist
Government Theodorist imperial union
- Ausealandic Representative L'Personne
- Theodorist King L'Monarque
Legislature Supreme Theodorist Soviet
Established January 2, 2013
Population 4

The Theodorist Union was a Theodorist imperial union claiming the Western United States, Western Canada and parts of Western Mexico. The union was divided into kingdoms which were based on state and province lines of the previous claimants. The Free Zone Soviet Theodorist Kingdom was also part of the union. The Free Zone also contained a special administrative region in its border, Ausealand.


Theodorist Union was founded in January 2, 2013 with the goal of creating the first Theodorist macronation. It claimed the west of North America and part of the west of Mexico. The Free Zone claimed a part of the king's house and an uninhabited area. However, the a house was built over the uninhabited area. Theodorist authorities and the person in the new house made a deal. As a result, the once uninhabited area became the Ausealand SAR in the Free Zone STK.

Flag of Zaxiq

The Ausealandic representative informally wished for the SAR to be republican socialist. So on February 19 the king made it socialist so the Union could be involved in Red February. The Ausealandic complained the move was done without a referendum and wanted to secede. So on February 20, Theodorist authorities decided the union would be divided with Ausealand being independent, the mainland Free Zone STK would be a country in the United Kingdom known as Zaxiq and rest going back to pre-union owners.

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