The flag of the Third Roman empire.

The Third Roman Empire or Holy Roman Commonwealth of Austria-Hungary was founded on April 6th, 2013 by Frederick Gloffendorffer.


The name, "Third Roman Empire", refers the empire as being the sucessor to the Second Roman Empire a.k.a. Byzantium. 


Even though it was created as a heir to rome, It was created by Frederick Gloffendorffer as a new utopian idealistic state. It was  also created as a symbolic unification of the nations who tried to succeed Rome (Holy Roman Empire, Austrian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Byzantine Empire, First French Empire, Second French Empire, Prussia, etc.). Third Rome officially declared its interdependency on April 6th, 2013 and was recognized by the Progressive republic of Allalia on April 7th, 2013. Frederick Gloffendorfer (founder of the Third Roman Empire) was declared Emperor, even though the Third Roman Empire was founded as an elective monarchy, Frederick was not elected Emperor, but was instead proclaimed so by himself. His first act as Emperor was the claiming of lands in europe that formerely belonged to Rome, Austria-Hungary, Byzantium, Holy Rome, and others. This act was repealed, as it is non-formal and not taking in consideration territories of others. Without conquest colonies aren't truly one's lands, and with this the Third Roman Empire became its current size, encompassing only it's capital.


Mountains in view.

Executive and Legislative system

Following the traditions of the Holy Roman Emperors, The Holy Roman Commonwealth of Austria-Hungary is an elective monarchy with an Emperor or Imperator (latin) as head of state. The Emperor also holds the position of Head of the Assembly. The Head of the Assembly is the main veto-ing power towards the parliamentary Assembly, in which all the districts and officials of the Empire convene to hold elections and even impeachments. The second highest official in the Empire is the Secondary Head of the Assembly also known as the Senate Commandeerer. The Senate Commandeerer can not veto, but can propose legislation, like all the other members of the assembly. A Vote-of-no-confidence can remove every legislative official from office, disincluding the Head of the Assembly.

Judicial system

The three High Judges of Third Rome are the highest officials of the judicial system and are the deciders of major court decisions that aren't or can't be decided at a lower judicial level. Every court has three judges. The Three High Judges serve a total of 15 year terms and cannot be re-elected, unless permitted by the Emperor.

Foreign Relations

The Progressive Republic of Allalia recognized the Third Roman Empire on April 7th, 2013.


The military consists entirely of volunteers due to the illegalization of drafting in the founding of Third Rome. The Emperor is Head of the Conflicteers and has the power to serve in conflict and delegate it. Generals in the military are one of the many officials that are part of the election process for Emperor of Third Rome. The military has two main branches, Internationalistic and Domestic, and three sub-branches, the army, the navy, and the domestic guard.


The largest export of Third Rome is consulting, with the second being aspen trees. Neither are traded often. The Holy Roman Commonwealth of Austria-Hungary has a stable economy based on the value of the human spleen. Third Rome often avoids trading thus keeping itself in an almost constant state of stagflation.


It is customary for people to greet eachother with a raised hand with all four fingers laid flat on the palm, with the thumb pointing towards their head or neck (customarily), this gesture represents the existence of sentience within man and a utopian society as man's ultimate goal.

History is the main subject in the schools of Third rome. Children are educated on Rome in the 3rd grade, The Middle ages in 4th grade, The ages of Exploration and the Enlightenment within the rennaissance in 5th grade, The age of Revolution, Latin American Independence, and the other events of the years 1700-1912 in 6th grade, the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the First World War, the Twenties in the United States, The Rise of Fascism and the Third Reich, and the Second World War in 7th grade, and the Cold War (including the splitting of Germany, Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Space Race, and the Fall of Communism) in 8th Grade. High School reviews those historical concepts. The Other subjects are also taught in depth with various units from grade to grade.

The Main language of Third Rome is English, with some able to speak spanish and swedish. There is no official language.

The state promotes forms of Surrealist art, but does not outlaw any forms of creativity.

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