King of United Dray Kingdom
Dray House coat-of-arms
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King Thomas 1st
Founder and first King of the United Dray Kingdom
Style: His Supreme Majesty
Heir apparent: Prince Christopher
First monarch: Title Created
Formation: 2 of september 2013 at 12:57 BST
King Thomas 1st of the United Dray Kingdom
King of the United Dray Kingdom
{{{assumed/in 1}}} office:
2 of September 2013
 King Thomas 1st was born on the 22 of June 2000 to Prince Regaliis Paul and Princess Regaliis Lesley  

Titles and Styles 

Styles of
King Thomas 1st
Reference style His Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your/ His Majesty
Alternative style His Highness

 HRM King Thomas 1st has many titles his favourite is Supreame Grand Duke of Ducksville as this is where the king goes to escape the stress of statesmanship. here are some more examples of his titles.

  • King of the United Dray Kingdom
  • Defender of Faith
  • Lord overseer of the Federal Bank
  • Prince of Emerita
  • Citizen of the Democratic Republic of Laylandiistan  

Rise of the United Dray EmiratesEdit

The UDE was established on the 1 January 2012. at first it consitsted of the land on wich the Dray Household lives it then moved on to the Town of Bourne. Upuntil the 20th of August 2013 the UDE was a happy safe place with nothing to care about other that family, friends, bills and whoes football team is going to win the verious footbal cups.

Fall of the United Dray Emirates Edit

The United Dray Emirates was fell from existance on the 21 of  august 2013 while the King was outside of the Nation in Northumbria when the kings regant had gone on holiaday leving a Duck named "Quackie" in charge of the nation as its Administrator with that in mind the people decided they wanted to become part of the UK again so they overthrough Administrator Quackie a put it in the pond in the garden of the former royal palace and went on with their lives as Citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland.

Establishing the Kingdom of Saxonistan  Edit

TheKingdom of Saxonistan was esablished on the 2 of september 2012 at 12:57 BST after the United Dray Emirates (which was founded on the 1st of January 2012 at 1 o' clock) ceased to exist, because of bloodless civil war that caused a power vaccum.