Thracian Communist Party
Party Name Thracian Communist Party
Micronation(s) The Thracain Line
Leader Chairman S. Nelenaizic
Founded 12/10/16
Political Information
Political Ideology Marxism–Leninism
Political Position Only legal party
International Affilation(s)
Colours Red, Yellow, Black
Party Anthem "The Internationale"

The Thracian Communist Party is the main governing body in The Thracian Line, led by Chairman Nelenaizic.

History Edit

The Thracian Line was founded on February 27th, 2016. The nation had been under the rule of a fascist self-described "benevolent" dictatorship.

During the fall of 2016, rising concerns of corruption and inequality led then-leader S. Nelenaizic to reconsider the "Benevolent" dictatorship he once led. Nelenaizic had a vision of a communist country that placed it's concern in its people rather than its leaders. Since the nation is comprised of many people who were raised in the United States, many were against the change due to their hatred of communism.

During the fall, many debates raged onward as the population was split on what to do with their country. Fearing the breakup of the Thracian Line, Tempist, Vasil, and Nelenaizic spearheaded the movement to turn Thracia communist. The three relieved themselves of their positions and formed an unofficial communist movement against the executive council, which was comprised of former friends of the three.

On December 10th, 2016, the people of the Thracian Line officially changed their country from a dictatorship to a single-party communist state by forming the Thracian Communist Party. The many inactive and impeding individuals were terminated from government positions and new people were appointed to such positions. Many changes were made to the governing system and military structure; like the removal of the secret police; instead removing them and creating a more organized and less corrupt political system. After this, new national symbols and flags were adopted.

Since then, the party has recruited members during the early months of 2017. Once all the national symbols had been created, the party strengthened it's power via a large scale propaganda campaign. The party then proceeded to sponsor and encourage citizens to read many different communists writings. The party is still recruiting members as of today.

Ideology Edit

The Thracian Communist Party's ideology is Marxist-Leninist. The party studies and enforces the many concepts of Marxism-Leninism; including anti-revisionism, anti-imperialism, one-party state, Marxist-Leninist atheism, economic planning, and democratic centralism, among others. This ideology plays a big role in the culture of the Thracian Line.

Government-sponsored Works: Edit

  • "The State and Revolution" -Vladimir Lenin
  • "What is To Be Done?" -Vladimir Lenin
  • "Imperialism, the Highest State of Capitalism" -Vladimir Lenin
  • "Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism" -Otto Kuusinen
  • "Das Kapital" -Karl Marx
  • "Wage Labor and Capital" -Karl Marx
  • "The Communist Manifesto" -Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
  • "Socialism: Utopian and Scientific" -Friedrich Engels
  • "Guerilla Warfare" -Che Guevara

The TCP has helped make historical socialist music very popular within the country; these songs are played during most celebratory events. Other than the anthems, there are many socialist songs that the party endorses. The selection of music is so varied, that many popular songs are written in languages that are not even spoken within the Line. Below is an incomplete list of songs the party sponsors:

Government-sponsored Musical Pieces: Edit

  • "Worker's Marseillaise" -National Anthem of the Thracian Line
  • "The Internationale (English & Spanish Versions)" -Anthem of the Thracian Communist Party
  • "March On, Comrades, Shoulder to Shoulder" -Anthem of the Thracian Armed Forces
  • "Restless March"
  • "Viva el Socialismo (Long Live Socialism)"
  • "The Red Banner"
  • "Be Brave, My Friends"
  • "祖国の歌 (Song of the Motherland)"
  • "Naprej zastava slave (Forward, Flag of Glory)"

Party Structure Edit

The communist party has a somewhat simple structure when compared to other communist parties.

The party is led by the Chairman, who has the highest authority in the party. below him is the General Secretary, who oversees the Central Committee. The Central Committee is the "meat" of the party and is the main part of the TCP. The Central Committee is where most decisions are made within the party.

Name Position Date Joined
S. Nelenaizic Chairman of the Communist Party 12/10/16
D. Tempist General Secretary 12/10/16
C. Vasil Central Committee Member 12/10/16
B. Agramonte Central Committee Member 1/6/17
I. Hofstad Central Committee Member 1/8/17
J. Cyrus Central Committee Member 1/18/17

Government Purpose Edit

The Thracian Communist Party is the governing system and the only legal political party in the Thracian Line. The TCP also has control over the Thracian People's Army and the other branches of the Thracian Military. This party took over after being created in the wake of the December 10th Revolution. Since then, the party has created an increased focus on social justice, agricultural and industrial focus, a completely revamped military structure, and intergalactic expansion. Since then, citizens have been given much more individualistic freedom, as the TCP hosts public events very often to help integrate citizens deeper into the country's politics and economics.

The party also owns many agencies which have many different purposes. Below is a complete list.

Thracia News International Edit

This organization is the government-sponsored news agency of the Thracian Line. They are tasked with reporting reliable and trustworthy news to the people. Often times, they report on weather, sports, holidays/celebrations, and international affairs.

Thracian Space Coalition Edit

For all of the extra-terrestrial colonies, they are all grouped under an organization called the Thracian Space Coalition. This organization groups all moons, planets, suns, systems, etc. claimed by Thracia. This organization also works as Thracia's national space program, and can claim new regions of space. This organization is mostly used for research and educational purposes.

Communist Youth league Edit

For upcoming politicians and well educated individuals, this program is a fantastic way to introduce the future of the nation to the country's politics, history, and economic policies. Much like a "summer-camp" league members are given special uniforms carrying the Youth League's patch. Members can start the program at the age of 5 and continue until the age of 18 if desired. This agency has the closest ties to the TCP.

Ministry of State Security Edit

The police force of The Thracian Line. Officers are tasked with making arrests on unlawful individuals or groups endangering the people and or the state. Thankfully, due to the almost non-existent crime rate, being an officer is not a very strenuous job; Thracia is a relatively peaceful and crime-free place within it's borders.

Thracian National Football (Soccer) Team Edit

This, if not obvious, is The Line's national soccer team. Currently the team is still recruiting members, and as of now will not be participating in any competitive matches, just local/friendly matches.

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