Thracian Space Coalition
Abbreviation TSC
Formation 3/22/17
Type Space program/Government coalition
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Aeronautics/aerospace research
Headquarters People's Palace of Socialism
Official languages English, Spanish
Chief Overseer Chairman S. Nelenaizic
Lead Director C. Vasil
Parent organization Thracian Communist Party
Budget ~ $250
Staff 5

The Thracian Space Coalition is a collective group of extra-terrestrial bodies owned by the Thracian Line. It also doubles as the national space program. The coalition is also an agency governed by the TCP.

History Edit

Before the Coalition, Europa and Nikephoros were just considered "colonies" that were not set into any sort of organized jurisdiction. During March of 2017, a new moon, (Mimas) was planned on being claimed and added to the nation. In light of this, the party decided to create a system to organize and sort said extra-terrestrial colonies in order to oversee them in a more efficient manner.

Use as a Space Program Edit


TSC Logo

The Thracian Space Coalition is also used as the nation's space program. This effectively means the majority of efforts within the Coalition are directed towards scientific and educational purposes. Thanks to the nation's fascination with space, the program is well funded and is quite active. As a space program, they have educated many Thracian's on topics such as locations of extra-terrestrial bodies, gravitational pull, formations of gas giants, sun cycles, potential alien life sources, and much more.

TSC Members Edit

The TSC is comprised of several bodies in space, some of which have work sites that are under construction. These properties are comprised of but not limited to; planets, moons, suns, distant galaxies, black holes/worm holes, and much more. Not all of the are habitable, keep in mind.

Uninhabitable Bodies Edit

  • Sun: Nikephoros

Shortly after Europa was colonized, it came to the attention of the nation that Grand Marshal Vasil had documents which gave him ownership over a star. Soon after it was named Nikephoros. The sun joined the Thracian Space Coalition the day of it's founding: 3/22/17.

Properties Edit

  • The Colony of Europa
    • Site A:Pelorus Linea, Europa
    • Site B:Pwyll, Europa

The Colony of Europa was founded the same day as the Thracian Line was; preceding the communist revolution. After the formation of the Line, state officials decided to colonize a piece of extra-terrestrial property. Europa was chosen due to the oceans underneath the surface; which hold a plethora of life. Europa joined the Thracian Space Coalition the day it was formed: 3/22/17. The Colony of Europa has two work sites in-construction. Temperatures in Europa get extremely cold (-250 degrees Fahrenheit to -400 degrees Fahrenheit) and the land is very barren. There are few craters on Europa, and a huge ocean resides under the gigantic layers of ice and rock  crusts. The Thracian Line has created an idea to initiate a huge drilling operation; since living on the surface of Europa would prove to be impossible due to the extreme weather conditions.

  • The Colony of Mimas
    • Site A:Herschel, Mimas

The Colony of Mimas is the main reason the Thracian Space Coalition was created, meaning it was apart of the coalition the day of it's creation: 3/22/17. Mimas is known across the world thanks to it's largest crater, Herschel, which makes the moon look similar to the famous pop culture icon the Death Star. Mimas' only work site is being constructed at the center of this crater. Mimas is covered in hundreds of similar bu smaller craters, some of which are 6km2 deep. This moon is also cold much like Europa, delving into lows of -350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Government Edit

The Thracian Space Coalition runs under the same government The Thracian Line does; and is dictated by the Thracian Communist Party. Other than the fact it's properties are in space, it is governed the same way the mainland is. The Coalition is also tasked with locating potentially interesting/useful extra-terrestrial properties and presenting them to the communist party; who then decides whether or not they should be claimed.

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