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    16:18, November 25, 2017

    Hey, Marcus!

    Just wondering if you're still active here or not, if so, please unblock me from Facebook so we can actually discuss the affairs of this wiki. I'm not sure why you blocked me in the first place, seems rather counter-productive.

    If you are no longer active, nor intend to be in the future, could you please hand in your badge (remove your bureaucratic and administrator rights), as it's unfair for a non-active user to hold those rights. I mean you no malice, but if worst comes to worst I'll be forced to propose the removal of your rights to the community.

    I expect a reply within 7 days.

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    • Hi,

      It has been a while since I've received any form of communication from you. Its good to see someone else is still here, watching. I forgot to ask Rob about your Facebook, simply meaning, you're not blocked, at least from what I know of. I assure you that I am active, however at the moment I am away. I intend on returning the next Saturday full force.

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