• Despot Ested Vlasceanu,

    I am a bit concerned about your choices of recognizing the entire Korean peninsula as South Korean territory. Egan fully supports the Socialist North Korean regime, and we are slightly taken aback by your dangerous decision. This could lead to war with the powerful nation.

    As for the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, I am concerned as to why you recognize it as Australian territory. Are you homophobic?

    Regards, -Governor Aidan Kimyona

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    • Oh damn, drama is in the air

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    • Governor Aidan Kimyona,

      1. I personally think that the North Korean Government is illegitimate and that the South Korean Government is legitimate and should rule over all of the Korean Peninsula. I know that you are socialist and you support all socialist regimes, including North Korea's, but that's what I personally think. Also, a war between me and Kim Jong-Un is extremely unlikely, because he doesn't even know about my existence!

      2. I personally don't agree with homosexuality. I'm not homophobic, as you wondered to yourself, but I simply don't agree with being gay or lesbian in general. Of course, one can either be heterosexual or homosexual, but, since I don't agree with it, I can't recognize a micronation that represents the LGBT people;

      I hope that our different points of view regarding North Korea and the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands should not weaken our alliance. I think that we shall keep being close allies, despite our different opinions on the matter.

      Best wishes, Despot Ested I

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    • Despot Ested I,

      I agree to continue our alliance despite our disagreements. There are macronations in the world who have similar disagreements and still get along well. However, I hope you may some day change your views concerning the LGBT community.

      I have one question though: why do you think the North Korean government is illegitemate? It meets all the qualifications of the Montevideo Convention.

      -Governor Aidan Kimyona

      P.S. disagreeing with homosexuality is a form of low-key homophobia.

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    • Governor Aidan Kimyona,

      I am glad that you decided to keep our alliance alive. Your argument that some macronations get along despite some disagreements is really good, because this can easily be applied to micronations, as well.

      Also, when I said that North Korea's Government is illegitimate, I didn't mean that their nation doesn't meet the qualifications of the Montevideo Convention, because it does. But I think Kim's Government's treatment on its own people and its point of view on its own country, the Korean Peninsula's ownership and the Western World is really not fine and because of that, I don't agree with it. That's what I really meant when I said that they are illegitimate(or at least that I don't recognize them as legitimate).

      Despot Ested I

      P.S. Disagreeing with homosexuality might be a form of low-key homophobia but, as much as you would want, I won't be changing my view over the LGBT community any time soon.

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