• Noble leaders,

    I,King Nathan of Arcadia,formally sends you a request to be a member state of the Arcadian League.

    The League plans to promote unity through sovereign micronations,in the hope that one day our sheer mass of numbers will allow us to be recognised by macronations the world over.

    When joining the League,your nation will still hold it's sovereignty and customs. You will still be the leader of your nation.

    You will be recognised as part of the Arcadian League,and will be protected in times of crisis or aggression by the Arcadian League Armed Forces (made up of the armies of our member states).

    Our military will act only in self-defence to protect our citizens and territory.

    My e-mail is if you seek additional details.
    Arcadian League

    I eagerly await your reply,

    -Nathan John Byrne,Emperor King of Arcadia

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