The Timerian Dinar is the official currency in the Senatorial Republic of Timeria. Production began in June of 2002.


The dinar coins circulated since 2002, being regulated in 2003. In the Constitution of 2003, were enumerated the investiture, the senate seating and the micronational coining.


The Timerian Dinar is pegged to the euro by The Euro Standard Act, the exchange rate being 0,4 euro for an dinar, and 2,5 euro for a dinar, because this is the cost of impression in the Bank of Timeria.


In October of 2013, the Bank of Timeria introduced a 5 dinar banknote:


5 dinars banknote from Timeria, 2013

In August of 2014 Timeria creates a new banknotes of 10, 20 and 50 dinars:


10 dinars banknote from Timeria, 2014


20 dinars banknote from Timeria, 2014


50 dinars banknote from Timeria, 2014

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