Tobit Christopher is the Vice-Priest of Nevatim. He converted most of Nevatim to Hat-Mousianism, a religion that he founded.


Christopher moved to the micronation of Podokan (see Podokan and New Podokan) in 2014. He moved back to Canada, his home country, in 2015, after the nation dissolved.

New Podokan

When New Podokan was founded in 2016, he moved there. He participated in the Podokan Civil War in May of 2017. After the government was overthrown, Christopher wanted to be the High Priest when the government became a theocracy, but Agoston Nemeth took that title, and Christopher was not happy with the rule of High Priest Nemeth.

Coup D'etat

On May 23rd, 2017, Christopher and his army attacked the Tree of Worship in Nevatim, with the intent of overthrowing the government and replacing the official religion with Hat Mouse Religion.

On May 24th, an agreement was made between the High Priest and Christopher resulting in most, but not all, of his demands being fulfilled.


  • The Hat-Mousians demand that the official religion will be replaced with Hat Mouse Religion
  • The Hat-Mousians demand that Tobit Christopher will become the High Priest of Nevatim
  • The Hat-Mousians demand that the flag will be replaced with something that doesn't involve acorns
  • The Hat-Mousians demand that the motto will be changed to "United In Effort"
  • The Hat-Mousians demand that the anthem will be changed to a poem written by Tobit Christopher

Four out of five of these demands were fulfilled. Agoston (or Goston) Nemeth remained High Priest, but as part of the agreement, Christopher will become Vice-Priest, a new governmental position.


Ever since his speech on May 29th, 2017, Tobit Christopher has been called a "power hungry man", and a "narcissist". He referred to the people of Selwyn as "savages" in his speech. He also made several statements showing his "hunger for power" and "narcissism".

Christopher has been accused of "puppeteering" High Priest Agoston Nemeth. In an interview, Agoston Nemeth said, "I didn't particularly want to conquer Selwyn after receiving the letter, but Mr. Christopher convinced me to do so.".

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