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Torland Republic or Torland is micronation in Finland (Northern Ostrobothnia), ruled by President PierreFin.

Unoffical Torland's national anthem is Russia 1991-2000 hymn.

Torland accepts the independence of the Faroe Islands. Torland left the SCU 25.8.2016 (Socialist Contries Union). Torland icedepence day is 6.11. Torlandian language is easy to do yourself, word Computer is computer in German and Danish and komputer in Polish, so in Torlandian it is "komputer". The language consists of most widely used words of Indo-European languages.

2000px-Flag of Socialist Torland.svg
Torlandian language
English Torlandian
Hello! Hei!
I am Im bis
I´m from Torland Im fom Torland
Lakes Leiker

Torland History

Before the country's name was Nytoria. It's flag was white, black and green. Nytoria flag reminded of Biafra flag. Torland's name came from the word "Nordland "(Northland). PierreFin decided to.

change the whole the country as new. Torland was quickly changed. Capital Petleas' name comes from a cat whose name was Pete. Torland create SCU year 2014.

Revolution and Socialist times

Nytorian autonomous states Nätson and Petronso fighted in Petleas 15.12.2013 for independence but Nytoria did not accept it. Nätson Kingdom's and Petronso Kingdom's Incepedency day was 30.12.2013. Nytoria got back it's lands 3.4.2014. Nytorian socialists marched (22.10.2014) in Petleas.

Revolution in Nytoria
Nytorian Socialist wins the war
Participant in Nytorian socialists and more Nytorians
Active No active (this is history)
Ideology Workers unite
Groups Socialists vs Nytoria empire
Leaders PierreFin ( Nytoria empire ) Peter novajov (Nytorian Socialists)
Area of
Originated as Nytoria empire
Allies Nytorian Empire
Opponents Nätson, Petronso and Nytorian Socialists
Battles/wars Battle of Petleas, Red war, Nätson war

Nytoria socialists fighted in Oulu (23.10.2014) Nytorian Socialists was suggested that PierreFin may continue as the leader if the country would be turned in to a socialist state. (29.10.2014)

Nytoria Socialists attack the Petleas city.

Nytorian Kaiser PierreFin accepts the socialist proposal.

Nytoria becomes Nytorian Socialist Workers Republic became official 3.11.2014 but few days later it was changed to Nytorian SSR. Nätson and Petronso were autonomous states in the country. Nytoria create d the S.C.U (Socialist Countres Union) 2014. It had an alliance with Tomppamaa, located in central Finland. One month later Tomppamaa ceased its activities. Kejevali town was changed to a city. Petronso became unactive (26.7.2015). Nytorian revolution day was celebrated first time (3.11) and Incedepence day three days later. Nytoria chaned it's name (Torland). Nätson ceased to exist (11.3.2016) SCU allies were Faroe islands, Yelkomia, Talon socialist republic and Arlandia.

Germanization in Torland and civil war

Torland been thinking a long time to amend their empire, because Torland was conquered in the history of nätson and petronso. Torland-germans wins the flag elections and flag is corrected. PierreFin wanted slavzation, but Torland-Germans starded a war. PierreFin´s slavs win the war.

History of Torland flags and Coat of arms

Nytoria is First Torland. Torland independency is Nytorian SSR incependency. Torland new Coat of arms came into use 7.7.2016. NSWR was a short term government in nytorian

Flag Coat of arms Date Name
Unite state of Nytoria
Great Seal of the United States of Nytoria (obverse)
23.3.2013 - 2.9.2013 Nytorian United states
Old Nytorian flag
Nytorian empire coatsoarms
2.9.2013 - 3.11.2014 Nytorian empire
Nytorian Workers republic
Emblem of the Nytorian SWR
3.11 - 6.11.2014 (Revolution times is action) Nytorian Socialist Workers Republic
Nytorian Coat of Arms
6.11.2014 - 13.2.2016 Nytorian Soviet Socialist Republic
500px-Coat of arms of Torland
13.2.2016 - 7.9.2016 Torland Republic
2000px-Flag of Socialist Torland.svg
PierreFin logo and Torland Coat.O
Flag change is 28.4.2016. Coat of arms changet is 7.7.2016. Torland Republic
Torrland flakk
The Greater coat of arms of Torland Empire

Greater coat of arms


Torlandian civil war is started 7.9.2016

Torland Empire

Torrland Kaiserreich

2000px-Flag of Socialist Torland.svg
Torrland wappen

Unoffical coat of arms

Torlandian-Slavs win the civil war

in 9.9.2016

Torland Republic

"Torland New Republic"

Torrland wappen

Most commonly used coat of arms in Torland

Torland map

Torland ´s map

120px-Kolovrat (Коловрат) Swastika (Свастика) - Rodnovery

AtWar Champions of Torland

AtWar is game in online. Torland has been thinking to do AtWar champions.

  1. Go to Atwar
  2. create the user
  3. User name is your micronation or President´s name
  4. Finish

has not thinking about when it would be champion.

Armed Force

Population is one people. Armed force is developed by way of purchase weapons and vehicles.

Military exercises in 4.6.2016 - 27.7.2016. There practicing fighting wars. Nearest micronation is Valtio.


Torland´s Alliens
Richardtopian Empire
NZRE Empire
SCU Alliens

Socialist Countries Union

Socialist Republic of Janland

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