Founded 17th November 2008
Residents approx 20
Resident Citizens 2
Official language(s) English
Jurisdiction Republic of Wyke
Prime Minister Harry Meek
Constituencies Beadledesh,

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02-11-2014 Remove "red" links. Will mark for deletion in 7 days if not corrected. Tozmania is a city in the Republic of Wyke. It contains a population of approximately 20, although only 2 are registered citizens of the Republic of Wyke. Tozmania is the home city of former Tozmania president, and current mayor Harry Meek. It is within 5 minutes walking distance of the capital Murrayfield and 10 minutes of Victoria and Mercury. Tozmania was formerly the de facto territory of Tozland, before the first merger forming UNITED, between its self and Danburnia and then the Republic of Wyke. Meek's land was sold to Joe Foxon for the price of a Hob Nob. The city is named after the nickname of Meek: Tozzy.


Tozmaia is the second largest city in the Republic of Wyke, although is one of the least populated in the country. It is built upon agriculture, and is neighbors with Kendall and Clarksville


Tozmania contains three constituencies for General Elections in the Republic of Wyke, Beadledesh, Jackeltown and Sax Bay. It elects three members of Parliament, one of which is then elected to be the Mayor of the city of Tozmania. The Mayor is currently Harry Meek, who is part of the Jackeltown constituency.

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