Trade and Economics Organization of Micronations (TEOS)


Type Economic Union
Founded 10 February 2014
Management Owned by the Public Domain

Chairman: vacant

Member nations 1
Motto: "Trade, peace and prosperity"
Statistics Population: 7

Area: 1 micronation

GDP: unknown

The Trade and Economics Organization of Micronations (TEOS) is an organization that intends to supervise and increase the trade and economic power in micronations. The organization officially commenced on 10 February 2014 under the Treaty of Durango.

The TEOS presents documents, reports and analysis on trade and economic activity in micronations, the information is used to solve problems in the developing of member micronations.

The TEOS includes a programmatic framework for micronations to develop their economic and commercial activity.

TEOS framework

The framework is established to prevent anyone from inventing data on their economic and commercial activity.

  • Micronations obtained value through the creation of own cultural heritage: stamps, banknotes, eBooks, music, theater or film scripts ... etc.
  • Micronations can may trade their creations on the TEOS Stock Exchange, and the public decides how much you pay for each item quoted, buying or selling stocks.
  • Micronations can buy, sell, or exchange according to the listing on the Stock Exchange.
  • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is calculated by adding all the contributions of all the products listed on the Stock Exchange.

Members of TEOS