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The Treaty of Mutual Recognition between Timeria and Old Trinity was signed on August 18, 2014 by the presidents of the two micronations, Luis Hidalgo by Old Trinity and Wiew Wers by Timeria.

Contain of the Treaty

This treaty of mutual recognition between the micronations of the Republic ofOld Trinity and the Senatorial Republic of Timeria to ensure political cooperationbetween the two micronations, hereinafter referred to has “theparties”, agree tothe following:

1. Objects of the Treaty

1. The Republic of Old Trinity recognises the chosen political status andsovereignty of the Senatorial Republic of Timeria, establishes diplomaticrelations with the Senatorial Republic of Timeria.

2. The Senatorial Republic of Timeria recognises the chosen politicalstatus and sovereignty of the Republic of Old Trinity, establishesdiplomatic relations with the Republic of Old Trinity.

3. The parties agree to build relationships base don cooperation, mutualunderstanding, and peaceful settlement, respect the laws and customsof each other, honorary citizenship and noble titles, which are used inboth Parties. The Parties refuse from any forms of racism, segregation,national or ideological intolerance.

2. Periods of validity

1. This Treaty will come into force immediately after the treaty has been ratified by the governments of the two parties.

2. This Treaty is signed for 3 (three) years, with the possibility of extensión, initiated by the Parties.

3. This treaty can be disolved by either party, with prior notification, not later tan 2 (two) weeks before the planned date of dissolution

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