The Treaty of Ruskin Road is a treaty written by Crown Prince Jonathan ending the Austenasian Civil War. It was signed by himself, Princess Caroline, HIM Emperor Esmond III and William Kingsnorth. It entered into force when it recieved the final signature, that of Emperor Esmond III, on 24 May 2010.


Full text

Article I:
Peace declared.

Article II:
Esmond III recognised as legitmate Monarch and Acts 105 and 113 recognised as lawfully passed.

Article III:
Princess Caroline withdraws her claim to the Throne.

Article IV:
William Kingsnorth surrenders and rebel forces are disbanded.

Article V:
William Kingsnorth granted amnesty within Austenasia for crimes committed during the war. The Triune Alliance given authority to seperately try him at a military tribunal.

Article VI:
Princess Caroline recognised as resorting to military force and refusing to follow Austenasian law.

Article VII:
Princess Caroline sentenced to seven days exile.

Article VIII:
Recognised that William Kingsnorth incorrectly believed he was fighting for the lawful Monarch.

Article IX:
Austenasian Ministry of Defence disbands all volunteer and superfluous forces.

Article X:
Lord John Kingsnorth to remain as Acting Representative until 1 January 2011.

Article XI:
Police force and military platoon of South Kilttown to reform.

Article XII:
Martial law in South Kilttown concluded.

Article XIII:
Princess Caroline freed from house arrest.

Article XIV:
Representative and Baron of South Kilttown to swear a yearly oath of loyalty to the Emperor.

Article XV:
Treaty given the status of Act of Parliament.



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