"Power to the People!"
The Internationale
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Map of McKenzie Towne, NCU Territory.
Capital city Prestwick
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Trinacan
Government Communism
Legislature Voting System
Established December 1, 2014
Area claimed 4.3km²
Population Registered citizens ~14
Currency None
Time zone UTC -7
National sport Golf
National animal Red Fox
This nation is not a member of any organization


The Trinacan Communist Union (TCU for short, or simply Trinaco), was founded on December 1st, 2014 by a small group of members of the New Communist Movement, a political movement that had been created around a year before under a different name. The TCU was heavily doubted at first by many but eventually gained the trust and in a few cases, citizenship of those who were originally against it.

The TCU's original land claims were a small playground and surrounding field. It had multiple small 'islands' scattered about in the larger Macronation of Canada, specifically Calgary, Alberta.

Shortly afterwards the TCU lay claim to all of the community of McKenzie Towne.

The TCU continues to evolve and new ideas are set down every few days or weeks.

On July 28th, 2015 the TCU changed from its original name of the New Communist Union to the Trinacan Communist Union, or simply Trinaco.

Government& PoliticsEdit

The TCU's government is based on the ideas of the NCM ( New Communist Movement), a modernized form of Communism that shares some similarities with Socialism.

This form of Communism involves no leaders but instead the people collectivley vote on matters and decisions within the TCU. There are political ranks but the major uses for them are to keep matters under control and lead votes, rather than make decisions. The ranks are mostly titles and no ranks are higher than others in any manner.

Law & OrderEdit

In the TCU there are no lawyers, the accused must be able to reason and defend themselves if proven guilty. All trials are held in a public hearing and a vote is made on the decision of punishment.

The police force in the TCU is currently under command from an unknown source. The duties of TCU Police Units are to ensure that laws are being kept to, and keeping political equality among the people.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The TCU has recently made contact with a large group of American Micronations and alliance is pending.


The military is currently commanded by ComMil (Commander of Military) with all fit citizens being reserves for military action.

The TCU has a large aresnal of NERF weapons although they use paintball for practice in more extreme situations.

The TCU also intends to expand it's military and military leaders to allow for divisions and proper unit ranks.

Geography & ClimateEdit

The climate of the TCU is harshly cold in the winter, mild and wet in the fall and spring, and hot in the summer. 

The geography of the TCU is a majorly flat area with very few hills or slopes and features a small number of man made ponds.


The economy of the TCU uses a credits system, where the harder one works the more credits they earn, instead of earning more or less credits depending on ones jobs

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