Triple Alliance

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Triple Alliance
Triplealliance Triple alliance emblem
Alliance Logo Alliance Emblem
Alliance motto: 'To be established...'
(Latin: Consto)
Founded 2011
Type of Organisation Alliance
Members Kingdom of the Dale Empire
Empire of Arboria
Grand Barony of Voltar
Type of Organisation closed (no additional membership)
Military Power  ???
Headquarters To be established...
Time zoneCET, GMT amd GMT+1
Holy figure To be established...
National Day To be established...
The Triple Alliance

The Triple Alliance is an alliance between the Kingdom of the Dale Empire, the Empire of Arboria and the Grand Barony of Voltar. It was established at 23:47 (GMT+1) on the 22nd of June 2011. The countries that are in the alliance joined up for mutual advantage in military, political and social issues. It was proposed by King Danny Clarke I on the 22nd of June, shortly before it was set up.



The Triple Alliance is a closed alliance which means it does not recruit or invite any other micronational entity. It only covers the three countries that have established it, hence being called the Triple Alliance.

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