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File:Dekian National Anthem

The Disbandment of Dekia

Starting October 15th Saturday, Max, the Chancellor (or me who is writing the wikia) dissolved Dekia. It is no longer a state. The reason is that his family, (notably his sister) made fun of for it. He is no longer continuing the traditions. We, the government of Dekia, is sorry. However, Dekia possibly will become a nation again. If it does, it will have a new name. Possible names are Aequalitas, Musawa, The state of Banco Oeste.

History of Dekia

In May 3rd, A micro nation called Dekia started. Later, the micro nation disbanded. However, on May 21 2016, the micro nation recreated. It is a Trotskyist Democracy. Currently, the Chancellor/Consul is Max. He fought for the Independence and declared himself leader until the next election. Today, it is no longer a state.


1 No matter what, everyone gets equal rights

2 The council is made up of workers

3 To keep diversity, there is no major religion

4 Capital Punishment is cruel

Its flag pays homage to Palestine. It has a Chakra for equality and peace. It also has the 4th International Logo on it to. The Chakra is not meant for its religious meaning.


In Dekia, a main sport is Gridiron Football. Also E-Sports. Dekia is planning on starting an E-Sports team soon. Roasting is another popular sport.

Political Parties

Each candidate/Council Member can join up to two political parties.

Liberal Republicans-2 Seats, Grand Chancellor

Centre Wings-1 seat

Trotskyist-Marxists- 2 seat Grand Chancellor

Independents-1 seat

Right Moderate No seats



Atheist: 42.857%

Christian: 14.28

Catholic: 14.28

Islam: 14.28


Currently, the military in Dekia is Max and J.

How the Politics Work

At every council meeting, at least 2 members must be present to have the meeting. The Grand Chancellor/consul gives ideas and they vote on it. Also the council may vote on laws that they want to make and the Chancellor will pass them.

Laws That Have Been Passed

-Independence Act - This helped keep its independence from the U.S

-NoDiscrimination Act - This outlaws discrimination

Laws that are trying to be passed

-OnePartyRepresentationAct - This act is to make it so that people who run for public office must only represent one party.

-PointBankSystem Act - Different deeds give you points, the more points the more DD/USD, with a tax.

Summer 2016 Elections

During June, the first stage of elections will start. The only committed Candidates are Max and R.

The election has been pushed up to November 1st. Max will represent the Liberal Republican Party, and R will represent the Trotskyist-Marxist Party. No one so far has endorsed either one.


Unrecognized Countries

Dekia doesn't recognize the following countries:


North Korea


More Info On the Political Parties


This party is a socialist party always leaning towards the left. They believe in affirmative action, feminism, Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights, Abortion, and stopping the death penalty.

Right-Moderate Party

There has been 0 members. Some people have thought of joining, but no one has.

Centre Wing Party Of Dekia


This party is generally a mix of right and left wing aspects. Most of the time, they have mixed feelings on Abortion and the Death Penalty, Black Lives Matter, and Gun Rights. They do support LGBT rights. They are also pro-Affirmative Action.

Liberal Republican Party Of Dekia

This party is generally far left. They have been known to support Black Lives Matter, LGBT Rights, Feminism, PP and many, many left organizations. They are pro-gun control, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and pro Affirmative Action. They also advocate to stop hatred towards Islam.

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