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Altered State of Turasa
Turasan flag

Ni ne forgesis, nin ne forgesos.
(English: We have not forgotten, we will not be forgotten)
Demonym Turasan
Government Turasan Commonwealth
Established 8 May 2016

Turasa (or the Altered State of Turasa) is an experimental micronation that lays claim to both physical and "immaterial territories" [1]. The use of the term "state" is a play on the definitions of the word, implying that Turasa is both a "a politically organized body of people usually occupying a definite territory" and a "mode or condition of being" [2].

Turasa has officially "opened its doors" to citizens on 8 May 2016 [3].


Turasa is a commonwealth, which "is run by the citizens, who may individually offer their responsible opinion for the welfare of all Turasans". The final word comes from the Supremo, who "oversees everything" [1].


The Turasan manifesto begins with the reasoning behind its formation.

"We have tired of the smug sureness by which the world is run, fully aware of the breathtaking unknown yet undiscovered. It is therefore our duty, as honorable citizens of the Altered State of Turasa, to welcome the fluidity through which unimaginable possibilities appear and be aware of the various forms they take." [4]


There are only two requirements to become a member of Turasa. That is, "an open mind and the willingness to challenge the hegemonic perception of reality" [5].

External Links

The Turasan Tulpa, The Official Publication of the Altered State of Turasa.

@turasagov on Twitter.


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