Tutorial : Infobox tutorial
Tut infobox 3
Created by : LurkSAR
Difficulty : ■○○○/○○○○

In this tutorial, we will be showing a way how to add nation infobox to your page.

Infobox is the quickest way to show important data regarding the subject. For example, when you are looking for anthem of Lurk, you don't have to read the entire text and hope you'd find it there, but instead you can look into the infobox, where it always is under national flag and coat of arms.

Tut infobox 1

The CODE box

  1. Go to Template:Infobox nation 2.
    1. You can either search for the Infobox Nation 2 template, or click on the link.
  2. Copy all the text from the "CODE" box.
    1. First off, select the entire text in the brown box. Then, right-click the text and press "Copy" option from the dropdown menu which should appear to you.Or you can copy the text by pressing CTRL and C.
  3. Go to source mode on your article.
    1. Tut infobox 2

      Switch to source mode

      You do this by presing the "Source" button on top of your page. If you don't, your code will be only inserted as plain text.
  4. Paste the copied code on your page.
    1. You can do this either by right-clicking and pressing "Paste" or pressing Ctrl and V. Be careful to post it after any Message Box template (i.e. WIP, Improve, Fantasy, etc..) or the Message Box will cover your entire infobox.
  5. Fill the infobox with your data.
    Tut infobox 3

    Proper way of filling an infobox.

    1. Find enough data to fill the infobox. You will be looking for micronation's name, flag, coat of arms, motto, anthem, capital, etc.. You do not need to fill everything, every field is optional. But we recommend to fill as much as possible.
    2. You can fill the infobox by writing after the " = " symbol. The fields are self-explanatory. If you do not understand some fields, you should check other pages and how the author filled it.
  6. Save the page
    1. Tut infobox 4
      You do this by pressing the "Publish" button, but before you do that, you should press the "Preview" button, to see how would your article look after you put the infobox in.