Hello! I assume you are reading this page because you want to create medals for your micronation. Well great! You may want to start off with something easy like just a ribbon-bar medal design but if you're like me and want to design something very nice. I've designed for you 3 different templates to use for your nations medals. Beware! Designing your nations medals will take alot of time. You need to design what medal design you want to use and much more. Below, you'll find of the choices.

Communist style Medal Design


The communist style medal. notice it's design features.

The communist style design typically has one ribbon going under it with another one ribbon going across it above with a bronze suspension device. On my design, you can see the typical communist style of design that was prominent in early Soviet medal designs. However, it's your nations medals so you can design them how you please! You can even shorten the ribbon if you want! Anything you desire!

NATO/American style Medal Design

A typical medal with the ribbon going straight down.

Generic Ribbonbar

Generic ribbon bar design as seen in movies, etc.


Final Note


All of these are free to use as long as you give credit! And remember to be creative! Design your ribbons in whatever way you WANT! Just nothing that violates Wikia's rules!

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