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nav1 is MicroWiki Native MicroWiki implementation of navigation boxes, implemented by Microwiki Staff. You need navigation boxes when your nation have many pages and you want to group them together, and then put that group on every(or chosen) pages.

Burkland was the first nation on which this new navigation box template was used and since then becom ideal for navigation box implementation with default values.

Burkland's navigationbox:

Coat of arms of Burkland

Marxist People's Republic of Burkland

Basic idea behind Nav1

Burkland have a very complicated navigationbox with sub-headings. For most micronation sub headings aren't required. Like, under heading 'Government', there are 4 sub headings, namely- 'Legislative', 'Executive', 'Political Parties' and 'Leading ideologies'. Also note that 'Culture', 'Symbols', 'Economy' and 'Language' headings don't have any sub heading(s) under them. This is what mostly required. This is basic idea, now you can go head and learn to use it.

Basic Tutorial

This is the Basic Tutorial of Nav1, it would be enough for most of your requirements.

Initialization of Na1

To construct a Nav1 box, go on and use the following code:

In the above code, you initialized the Nav1 template. You said that you want a navigation box with title 'My Micronation' and with image 'MyMicronationalFlag.png' at left. This is just initialization of Nav1 template. Once you understand this, move on to the next section of the tutorial which would teach you to enter data.

Setting Data

Navigation boxes are just set of links of pages(data) which you but on all the related pages so that navigating between them is easy. Now, in this section we would learn to enter this data. For this, we have to use sub template within the Nav1 template. It is 'Nav1/sub'. Sub stands for subsection.

Here, you have to specify the tile of your sub box. Then you specify the data in that sub box. As stated earlier it usually group of pages. {{*}} is use to represent the special character- '•'. It is used in separating different page name/link(s).

Making things together

Now when you know basics of this, let's arrange all we know together to make working nav1 box.

Okay, you you may be thinking- what the heck is this- '{{end}}'? Actually it is need to end nav1 boxes. It notifies wiki that not nav1 box ends here and next set of text should be out of box. For this simple reason, it is used. Now that's all in Basic tutorial. If you still need more control, then move on to Advance tutorial.

Advance Tutorial

This is for those who have mastered the basic nav1 but want more control. If yes, then you are at right place. If you haven't still mastered basics of nav1 then, first do that.

Concept of Parameters

When in nav1, you wrote- '|title= My Micronation', you actually passed the value 'My Micronation' into the parameter 'title'. There are some other parameter who's value are set in default and it isn't required to change them. But if you want more control, feel free to do so. Like, if you want black background behind the image, what to change the color of navigation tabs, want border at navigation tabs, etc. then you are at right place.

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