Praiseth the jesusman
The anthem of Tyksrr
Midwest USA
Capital city Treeboug (Formerly) Tykzrr (Currently)
Largest city Tykzrr
Official language(s) Esperanto, English, German, Various Gibberish languages
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Tyksrrian
Government Fascist Monarchy
- Priminister Hayden Wright Leyton Furlong (The Spoon King)
Legislature The Table of 5
- Number of seats - 5
Population 12 Estimates
Currency C quarters and W quarters
National sport Lazyoff
National animal Alpaca

Tyksrr Is a micronation located in the US That Was inspired by YouTuber Andywilson92s Tyksrr From the Snospis Eht Series While it was formerly known as Treelandia but was changed after

Leyton Furlong Became Dictator due to his obsession with Snospis Eht.

IMG 4464


To be written

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