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|name = The Tzedekian Empire

|image1 =
Tzedek emoire

|motto = "Long live the Empire!" |anthem = None yet |location = North America, Oceania |capital = Bellevue |largest_city = Bellevue |languages = English, German |demonym = Tzedekian |government = Empire |head of government = Emperor |hog_name = Emperor TJ |legislature = Parliament |type_b = Bicameral |seats_a = Seats |seats_b = 1 |election_a = Last Election |established = September 9, 2014 |population = 1 |currency = American dollar |time_zone = Eastern |nat_sport = American Football

The Tzedekian Empire is a satellite state of the Kingdom of Tzedek. It was founded September 9, 2014.


The Empire was declared a satellite state in 2014 to govern island territories of the Kingdom of Tzedek.

Government & Politics

As there is only one citizen, he controls everything as emperor

Foreign Relations

As it is a satellite state of the kingdom of Tzedek, the Tzedekian empire will have the same relations as the kingdom of tzedek

Geography & Climate


These are the three islans governed, as well as a small piece of the Kingdom of Tzedek


Same as Tzedek

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