The United Provinces Under Chance Awards and Decorations are variously given to citizens, allies or soldiers who have assisted the UPUC. Citizens are given the awards if they "have gone out of there way to help" the UPUC. The UPUC gives awards to allies who have worked hard to help them in war or diplomatic relations while awards also given to soldiers in time of war or some person in the armed forces. Awards only apply to people who have done these acts following the Second War for Victoria.

Military Awards

The military awards are for people fighting for the UPUC in a time of war or when the UPUC calls upon them.

War Awards

  • Blood of Chance- The Highest Honor given to one who sacrafice somthing for Chance
  • Hero award- Third Highest Honor given to one who saves his fellow soldiers
  • Naval Valor decoration- for putting the group before the individual at sea
  • Armored Valor decoration- for putting the group before the individual in the armored regiments
  • Infintry Valor decoration-for putting the group before the individual in the armored devision

Protection Awards

  • Protector Award- Fighting for Chance in pre-micronational history
  • Blocade award- Taking place in a UPUC blocade

Citizen Awards

  • Moving to the sky- Building somthing to help the nation
  • Clean the Country- Cleaning public places in the UPUC
  • Educational award- Being an outstanding student OR donating money to education

International Awards

  • English Award- Fixing up online pages for the UPUC
  • Supporters Award- Joining the war and adding your nation to the people fitting the war for the UPUC's side
  • Diplomatic Award- Supporting Diplomatic Relations between micronations

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