The Parliament of Scandel is controled by the UPUC as a result of the Treaty of Hazad. The Parliament has only UPUC members. There are 5 people in the Parliament and thereis only one house. The Parliment is the legislature of Scandel and not the UPUC. The point of the Parliament is to limit the power of Scandels monarch and watch the government of Scandel.

The members

The members are appointed by the Chairman of the UPUC. There are currently 5 members of the Parliament and thay are all citizens of the UPUC and non of them are citizens of Scandel.

  1. Judge Jack
  2. Secretary General Riley ( speaker)
  3. Junta member Liam
  4. High Counciler Alexander
  5. Chief Counciler Emment


  • Vote on Royal decrees
  • Vote on laws presented by King
  • Trials of Scandel

The Speaker

The Speaker is the head of the Parliament. He opens Parliament and he speaks before them on the issue at hand. The current speaker is Secretary General Riley. The Speaker is chosen by the Chairman f the UPUC every year. The Speakers term can only last two terms. All the Speaker does is introduce issues and open Parliament. Also the speaker can veto the issue and send it to the UPUC grand junta.

UPUC in Scanadel?

Due to the War of the Forest and the loss of Scandel the Secretary General wrote the Treaty of Hazad and in it it mention a Parliament being placed in Scandel.

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