The United Provinces Under Chance stock market is a group of 3 markets and two commodities that are in the UPUC. The stock market is a measurement on how the stock exchange is doing. The Stock market is not like the United States. Each point is a 20th of a percent increase and a group is 2 percent increase. The stock exchange measures the economy of the UPUC and they are measured in 3 exchanges. When the numbers are bold it means it is still positive and italicized means they are negative.The market goes up and down every day.


The Weadd exchange is a group of 100 stocks and they measure how the nation is doing economically. The 100 stocks represent how all of the stocks are doing and how the current economy stands.


The Chance stock represents how the government treasury is going and how the UPUC federal reserve is making or losing money. If the Chance stock goes down then the worth of the dollar goes down for the state is losing money and they are falling into debt. If the state goes down then a major economic struggle may happen and the UPUC would lose a lot of money to other countries.


The Kcoka is the based on 120 stocks and it is showing how the noble class is doing economically. As well as that the stock also shows when it is the best time to sell is and the best time to buy is.

August 12th Stocks Change

Weadd- Down 1.0

Chance- Up .2

Kcoka- Up .1

Total Stock

Weadd- +1.52

Chance- +1.75

Kcoka- +0.02


The Commodities are measured differently. If gold goes up then it is good and if crude oil goes up it is bad. There is no negative and positive and there is not percent system. Every 1 is a UPUC pound and ever point is a teka or one tenth of a pound.



Total- +7.22 for month

Crude oil

+0.0 Total -1.1 for month

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