History/Establishment of the Party

United Socialist California Micro Republics National Flag
The UCSR is a newly founded micronation headquartered in California. The UCSR is a nation which is trying to achieve the goal of true Marxism, and also attempting to become the first communist country with positive US/Foreign relations. The UCSR was founded on October 21,2016 and the constitution was written and published the same day.
USCR became a republic on 11/8/16 it was then known as the Republic of Dreamland for 10 minutes, before it was dissolved, and destroyed for good, because the leader realized that the dream was not going to work especially due to his changing views on the situation of the USCR's establishment.
File:Temporary Anthem "Soviet Armenia Returns"


The Constitution of the UCSR United California Socialist Republic

Economics are very simplified, and made to work for every willing citizen of UCSR. Homes, property and means of production are all owned and monitored by the Communist Party of UCSR.

Money is distributed equally amongst all employees, and employers. This economic ideology not only creates peace, but destroys all jealousy, hatred and tension which is found all over modern Capitalist society.

Workers from 15-100 are allowed to apply for jobs and factory production all controlled by the current president and ruling party. Those who are left unemployed can ask a government official/counselor for an auto-selected job application. The auto selected applications will automatically provide a worker with a random job chosen by the state in response to their needs/demands.

Because of the recent establishment of the country, it needs money to grow in power. Every worker is required to pay a 10% Government Tax based on their revenue. Poorer families can pay a minimum 5% Government Tax and will be provided with aid in finding jobs and revenue.

War Policy

When foreign powers step on our soil we can not hurt them in any way, shape or form. This is because we are a new nation, and can not afford to have a bad general reputation.

During times of emergency we can ask for foreign aid from other micro nations and neighboring nations also.

The state and it’s citizens must create an evacuation plan, and a national emergency plan in the case if tensions ever arise.


Citizens must respect the Communist Party, and it’s leaders in every way, shape, and form! If such respect is abused, that citizen will be banned from citizenship, and will earn their names in the book of national enemies and spies.


Due to lack of resources, only simple care is provided by the state. This care includes bandages for wounds and cuts. Water for dehydration, and a team of medical experts.

Foreign Policy

Foreign nations are welcome to negotiate with our leaders and the party, but influences against marxism and other means of communism are outlawed by the state.

We accept foreign aid and are open to talks of collaborations, and official political meetings with leaders from both sides.


The best part about being in the UCSR? Citizenship! To apply for citizenship, all newcomers are provided with a question sheet and must answer the questions and provide their information accordingly. Newcomers must speak to a counselor and/or government official before being accepted into the micro union. If the finalization paper is not signed, and approved by the dictator/president, that person will not earn UCSR citizenship.


Unless if any land has been claimed by another foreign power, all UCSR-Independent lands must be defended and fought for in terms of foreign invasions, and attacks from other micro-nations, and smaller powers.


The UCSR provides freedom of religion to all citizens. The official religion is the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox faith, but most other religions are welcome.


All who revolt against the Californian Communist Party of UCSR can be banned from all owned properties, and banned from citizenship in all un-claimed territories


Robbery, terrorism, murder, vandalism, rape, physical sexual harassment and all other violent and unjust behaviors are reported to local authorities and are punishable by removal of citizenship and permanent ban.

Production of food/All products

All products produced in UCSR must be inspected by the president and must be always monitored while being produced. Food products must have a vendors permit and those who produce sickening foods will be held responsible by the choice of the investor.

Electoral process

Elections are held after each leader chooses to step down from his/her elected position. Distrusted and abusive non-founding members of the party can be removed by a vote b

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