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A relatively new country, the USZ is a special country in many different ways. The country is not officially recognized as a nation by the UN or any similar authorities, but we still call it a country. Here's how the government works. There are only 2 in charge, the President and the Vice President. They work together coming up with laws, making decisions and such, although the President has more of a say in all of it, 2:1. If either of them come up with a law, they both decide whether or not to veto it. When deciding, the president's vote is worth 2 votes while the vice president's is only worth 1 vote. If it isn't vetoed, the law will be voted on by all the citizens. If it is passed it becomes law. If it isn't passed the President or Vice President can choose to have it voted on up to 2 times after the initial try. If it isn't passed at all, the law is vetoed and can not be brought up again except with considerable change to the law itself. In this way, the people have a larger say in the laws than in every other country and in this way is a country for the people.

Population: 11

Founded: 2015

Micronation: USZ (United States of Zainland)

Host Macronation: United States of America

Nation Type: Democracy

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