Komunum Arktinsular
Faroese: Samveldi arktiska oyggja

Norwegian: Unionen av arktiske øyar Viktorislan Nenets: Sojuz arktoy nja Viktorislan Russian: Sojuz arktitjesky ostrova Icelandic: Sambandsríki arktiskar eyar

Scotch Gaelic: Aonadh nam h-eileanan argtach
|125px|border|alt=|Flag of Union of Arctic Islands]]
Administrative centerTórshavn
 -  President Anfinn Bjartalíð

The Union of Arctic Islands, also often known as UOAI was a synomos located in northern Europe. Its goals were to increase co-operation between arctic island communities. It's successor is Commonwealth of the Thule. The union's official capital was Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. At it's end it had only two members; Faroe Islands and the Republic Viktorisla. The union was ruled by president Anfinn Bjartalíð. It's web page is


The UOAI claimed scattered arctic and sub-arctic islands and archipelagos around Europe. Its claims included claimed the Faroe Islands, Rockall and Victoria Island (Viktorisla).

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