Union of Bir Tawil
Flag of Union of Bir Tawil
Union of Bir Tawil CoA

Bir Tawil, Freedom and Peace
Bir Tawil, North Africa
Official language(s) English
Demonym Bir Tawilian
- Supreme Governor William Wade
Established September 29th, 2012
Area claimed 800sq miles
Currency Depending on member state
Internet Domain .bt (Proposed)

The Union of Bir Tawil, also known as the Commonwealth of Bir Tawil is a establishment to end disputes, wars and battles with nations claiming the small area of Bir Tawil. The organization was founded by current Emperor of Sabovia, Andrew Creed and former Emperor of Sabovia, Robert Lee Garside. Altough the Union of Bir Tawil was founded 29 September 2012, a few other head of states & governments had the idea of the Union of Bir Tawil. The union is not a government or a state. The territory is managed by a Council, every micronation who claims Bir Tawil can still claim it as theirs, however, the union may pass laws that the territories must accept. The union is a direct democracy, and has a directorial council composed of ambassadors from the other nations. Various other micronations that aren't in this union have laid claims to the Bir Tawil area, these include the Democratic Republic of Bir Tawil, the Bir Tawil Empire and the Kingdom of North Sudan, who planted a flag in the Bir Tawil area.

List of Member StatesEdit

Full MembersEdit

  • Principality of Studna since 1 October 2012

Observer StatesEdit

Observer states are member states of the Union of Bir Tawil, however they do not claim land in Bir Tawil.

Current GovernorsEdit

      Studna       Sabovia



Took Office

Supreme Governor



William Wade

September 29, 2012

Yes (acting).

Sabovian Bir Tawil Party


Jean-Pierre Levant

October 1, 2012


Studnain Bir Tawil Party

Diplomatic RelationsEdit

Dalton since 23 November 2012

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