82,743 (Only on the main islands) Football? Water Sports? idk *3* Live and Love US Dollar

Introduction 1.0:


The Union of Padre is the community of Islands in the South Texas coast. It was formed just for the reason to unite the islands and keep them together. It has no thoughts of treason and just wants to be a united micronation.

History 1.1: There really isn't mush history about this. There is a lot of history about the islands, though.

Government 1.2: The Union of Padre is governed by Texas and the United States. Depending on what town the islands are closed to (e.g. Corpus Christi, Port Aransas) and the city will govern the islands.

Reason of Development 1.3: The Union of Padre was created by me because I thought these islands should be recognized as one united group. Also they could have a cool name for a sports tournament!

Economy 1.4: Capitalism. Period.

Language 1.5: Habla a Espanol? or Do you speak spanish? No need to worry, it's mainly English but there is lots of spanish speaking people there.

Territory 1.6: The islands that are in this union are: Padre Island, Mustang Island, Galveston Island, San Jose Island, Matagorda Island, North Padre, Brazos Island, Ward Island, Pelican Island, Goat Island.

Coat of Arms 1.7: The coat of arms is just to remind you how they are calm and don't want any trouble.

Future Planning 1.8: There isn't mush planning I have for this. I won't do much but update the info.

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