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Unironic Empire

Unirumein Kaiserreich (German)

Unironic Empire in Semul (Old Semul)

ИЮϤЖБЏ ЖШЮЛЄБ (Semul Cyrillic)

וניראָניק אימפעריע

Unironic empire Imperial FlagGrand Coat of Arms of The Unironic Empire (2015) Grand Arms

"Nam Pretivm Libero" (Popular)
"Fortunam Et Felicitatem" (Imperial)
"Long live Unironia"
Long Live Unironia Recording

Unironic Map 2014
Capital city Greystone (Provisional, as of September 29, 2017)
Largest city Miklor
Official language(s) American English, Semul, Alescetan, E-townese, Old Semul, Cherokee
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Demonym Unironic
Government Federal Imperial Absolute Monarchy By Divine Right
- Emperor William I
- Chancellor Avant Shetty
- Head Guard A.R Parsons
Established Independence from the United States
  • - Legendary foundation by Batrani Tribes: 2004

  • - Start of Written History: 2007

  • - as the Unironic Empire: June 21st 2012
Area claimed 2128 Sq Miles (2013 Census)
Population 263 citizens 53,964,707 residents (2015 Estimate)
Currency Unironic Franc
Time zone UTC -5/-4
National animal Dragon
Patron saint St. Joseph

Unironia officially the Unironic Empire is a Federal Absolute Monarchy located in North America, primarily in the Allegheny Plateau Region with Metropolitan Unironia and Virda, but also controls other North American territories such as Istoria. Unironia also claims several colonies in South Africa. Unironia scores a 3.6 on Linden`s Revised System of Classification and is a "Fifth World Micronation"  . Unironia is a Federation of states, Dominions, and territories that all pledge allegiance to the Emperor of Unironia. Unironia is made up of many ethnic groups and their lands such as the Batranis, Monoeans, E-towners, Ohioans, and Istorians. Unironia shares a Border with the Sangheili Union. Unironia has many industries dominant is that of agriculture because Unironia is a home to several commercial farms including the Chess farm in the Kingdom of Monoea, and Sparks Farm in the Imperial Territory of Denton

The Unironic Empire`s economy is the largest in the region considering that the only other independent one is of the Taeshan Freestate, the last remaining freestate of the E-town Freestate influenced republican period. the Unironic Empire has been a Power in the region since its inception in 2012 and, Unironia itself has been a power since around 2010 even though it was before Unironia`s official declaration of Independence it still had power over all the other Batrani tribes of the time.


From a Huntorian period Batrani tribes name "Unidonia" eventually evolved into the Modern form "Unironia"


Early HistoryEdit

Main Article: Legendary Dynasties

The first people to inhabit Unironia were the Batranis legend says their first king, and the founder of the Urgei Dynasty, K`u`dei followed by his most trusted warlord Clesti I (The Great) who expanded the borders of his kingdom beyond traditional tribal territories and into the area that would become Monoea

Clesti I portrait

Clesti I

he also created many new structures such as the Temple of Shade City he was succeeded by Clesti II a adviser in his court as is ancient Batrani custom who was succeeded by Mordei who didn`t make any significant contribution to Unironic history other than he was the first Unironic Monarch to style himself as a Emperor although historians dismiss the claims he made to all of Unironia after him came a king who wasn`t really fit for the job and was usurped by a warlord named Mey`do`e`u`e in 5 BU who after his demise the throne was seized by the Ku`Se`Den Dynasty who eventually led up to Hunter or as he is known to Unironics Ku`Garu

Era Of Ku`GaruEdit

During the reign of Ku`garu or Ku`Garu The Great also the first historically notable Unironic leader the Kingdom more than doubled in size in a series of wars against the Grakler Tribe who were eventually completely annexed many of the modern traditions established during his reign are ones that Unironics still practice today.

In the time of Ku`Garu many Unironic political boundaries were set including the one between the Woodlanders and the Monoeans. Ku`Garu began a period of semi-structured governance in Unironia never seen before and began a time of political stability not seen until the proclamation of the Empire on June 21, 2012.

Later Empires of the Ku`Se`Den DynastyEdit

The Successor of Ku`Garu Lioe`Di`Won reigned for 4 years and had many titles such as Co-King of Carlile and King of Bastria and created the first Unironic nation-state the Kingdom of Robinsinshire which ended in the June Revolution officially ending years of tribal despotism

Post June Revolution Edit

Unironic People`s RepublicEdit

Main Article: Unironic People`s Republic

During the period from June to August in 2011 Unironia was ruled by a socialist government but by it`s end it was more of a socialist democracy

Ling EraEdit

Main Article: Ling Empire

After the Polkburg Dissolution monarchists restored the Ku`Se`Den Dynasty under the name of the Ling Empire during this period many new noble families gained power that they still retain today but on a smaller scale

Tribal AdditionsEdit

Later in the Ling Empire several new thrones formed including the Throne in Christionople and the Throne in Sparksburg the crowning of the Ling co-Emperor in Sparksburg signaled the beginning of the fracturing of the Empire that eventually led to it`s demise due to the loyalties of tribes being to local Co-Emperors and not the Empire as a whole


The final pro-Ling stronghold Polkburg they knew it by the town`s name in middle Semul "Lingshee" which wasn`t captured until January 2013 by Imperial Troops of the First Imperial Guard


Main Article:Unironia-Woodland

when the Ling Empire collapsed a leader from Monoea then a tribe in Woodland entered into a political union with the Archduchy of Woodland creating Unironia-Woodland which was the first constitutional monarchy in Unironic history and the last true one because the then Prime Minister Zachary Sparks sent a spy to the E-town Freestate which started the lengthy conflict between the two nations after multiple abdications and so called retirements the government was dissolved

Time of UncertainlyEdit

Following the demise of Unironia-Woodland Unironia fell into a state of anarchy and the nation soon came under control of several Unironic business men today that period is known as the Wolf Syndicate but was overthrown by a nationalist revolution the Monoean government was installed in power thanks to the rallies and propaganda of the American National Union the same government that rules over Unironia today

Republic of MonoeaEdit

the State of Unironia was founded in the aftermath of the 2nd Unironic Revolution headed by the American National Union a far-right nationalist political party that was opposed to all things non-Unironic and determined to drive all "Unwanted and Undesirables" out of the country the Republic of Monoea was formed when the Treaty of Zacharia was signed in April 2012


The Monoean Army conquered many Unironic Princely states that became independent after the fall of the Ling Empire

War With E-townEdit

By the time the Republic of Monoea was founded Unironics had been fighting against the E-town Freestate for a very
Peace Tree

Peace Tree

long time and tension still ran high between the two nations although after the Battle of Shade City Monoea signed a treaty with E-town which would end the fighting with white peace that was declared under the Peace Tree as it became known although this tree was the sight of other important Unironic events such as the 1st official meeting of the Unironic-Woodlander High Council and the rally point of the Ling army during the Ling Civil War a monument was placed in the E-town`s assembly hall but along with everthing inside it was destroyed during the E-town Riots following the peace

Conflict with Dominition FreestateEdit

Main Article:Dominition Confederal Freestate

Before the Peace with E-town the Monoean province of Dominition declared independence so E-town began to supply Dominiton with weapons and supplies and eventually took over the government and they became a satellite state of E-town the Mayor of E-town, Kalee Starr and the army of Dominiton to fight on the western front in Monoea Proper the President of Monoea took that opportunity to retake the province

Beginnings of Unironic ImperialismEdit

Main Article:Imperial Monoea

In May 2012 The President of Monoea declared himself "King of Greater Monoea" and created Imperial Monoea a Constitutional Monarchy despite the fact that the majority of the power was invested in the King

Resistance to Monoean Power & ExpansionEdit

The Monoean Government was grabbing more land power everyday people of Monoeans and non-Monoean people alike rose up against the government in one instance the Freethinker Revolt even the Monoean President had to take refuge in Fort Zacharia until the revolt was dispersed by the Monoean Air-force

Monoean Conquests (Unironic Wars of Unification)Edit

The Republic of Monoea and later Imperial Monoea embarked on campaigns of conquest throughout Unironia conquering nations such as Pelkington Freestate, Jared City, and later the northern half of the E-town Freestate

Proclamation of the Unironic EmpireEdit

On June 21, 2012 the Unironic Empire was proclaimed along with the title of Emperor of Unironia the person who would become the Emperor of Unironia was the King of Monoea. The Empire was divided originally divided into provinces to name a few Unironia Proper, Polkburg, Woodland, Dominition, and Monkykya

Imperial Decree II:The Absolute MonarchyEdit

On September 19, 2012 the Emperor of Unironia ,and the current Consul, Zachary Sparks signed an edict that dismissed the Imperial Council and created a absolute monarchy ruled by the Emperor and with advice from the Consul

Senator RevoltEdit

Several common people from the City of Sparksburg attempted to overthrow the monarchy and establish a democratic state they were soon crushed by the Imperial Guard

3rd Unironic-E-townese WarEdit

In late September of 2012 the Consul informed the Emperor that E-town was in development of a secret weapon and he promised to begin development of a Unironic answer to that when E-town found this out they declared war on Unironia for the majority of the war no actual fighting occurred until the 2nd Imperial Guard began to lay siege on E-town`s main military complex despite the Unironic troops being outnumbered they captured the fort sending E-town into a full retreat

Micklor TreatyEdit

E-town agreed to the harsh terms established by the Unironic peace delegation in the Micklor Treaty including very high payments as well as many land concessions including the whole of the Fodil Territory

Later Effects of The TreatyEdit

The treaty signaled the decline and fall of E-town as an Independent state by the beginning of 2013 there was a unimaginable difference in a quality of living between the North and the South the Unironic dominated North had it`s wonderful its capital city of Peytona it was only a small village before the conquest but in the new pro-Unironic regime became a bustling city. The south eventually passed a edict to unify with north officially ending Independent E-town

Imperial SenateEdit

In April 2013 the Emperor of Unironia created a advisory body made up of two houses the Upper house was the Imperial Diet a body made up of State Monarchs from all the component states of Unironia and the Lower House the Council of State to head the Council of State was the President of the Council, the Emperor headed the Imperial diet when an Imperial decree was passed to make this official it also included a clause for the abolition of the office of Consul which incidentally was followed by the beginning of the former Consul`s trial for high treason that ended in his exile to the United States

Imperial Annexations of 2013Edit

In June-July of 2013 Unironia annexed several defunct micronations and remaking them as component states these countries were the Kingdom of Istoria, and the Ohio Empire


The Emperor of Unironia was ridiculed by several nations for the act of annexation stating that it was outside his power to do so. The Annexations occurred anyway and the Emperor has received no further ridicule for his actions

Creation of the Office of ChancellorEdit

Main Article:Chancellor of Unironia

When the 2013 Unironic Imperial Charter was ratified it dissolved the Imperial Senate and replaced it with the office of Chancellor which is currently held by Avant Shetty

Annexation of HampstaEdit

In November 2014 the nation of Hampsta willingly joined the Empire the land that once made up Hampsta is now the Imperial Territory of Hampsta

Incorporation of the Grand Barony of AlescetaEdit

On June 18, 2015 the Emperor received a message from the Baron of Alesceta with an offer to join the Unironic Empire as a state. Alesceta is now a Unironic State and, the Baron is also a Marquis in Unironia.

Present DayEdit

Unironia now is an Absolute Monarchy with little power from any other official the government is regulated by the 2013 Unironic Imperial Charter. Recent years have seen attempts at the ratification of a new constituting element to replace the charter was written, it never got to see ratification. On May 21, 2017 Crizopolis declared independence from the Empire and formed the Crizopolis Commune, it is viewed as a stepping stone to a successor government to the Imperial one.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Imperial Government Under His Imperial Majesty or more commonly as The Imperial Government is the central government of Unironia officially the Unironic Empire

The Government is led by the Emperor of Unironia who is the Absolute Monarch with absolute control over everything in Unironia

The Rules and structure of the Unironic Government are defined in the 2013 Unironic Imperial Charter

The EmperorEdit

The Emperor who is the near Autocratic Monarch in Unironia gets his power from Divine Right with power over everything and everyone within Unironia and who`s power is planned to expand into so that the Emperor will have absolute power over his Subjects who don`t hold citizenship as well as subjects who do the Emperor also is the head of the Army as well as the Navy

The Emperor and ReligionEdit

Unironia`s State Religion is Roman Catholicism all Catholic Churches in Unironia are required to use the Roman Rite along with the latest English version of the Roman Missal approved by the Bishop of Rome (Pope) the Emperor`s relationship with the Pope is much like with monarchs of Medieval Western Europe in that the Pope is the only authority in Unironia that can overwrite the Orders or Declarations of the Emperor

Emperor`s Right to Delegate PowerEdit

although not in the 2013 Unironic Imperial Charter the Emperor reserves the right to create advisory councils when ever he sees fit

The ChancellorEdit

The Chancellor of Unironia is a position created by the Emperor to advise him as well act in his place when he is busy this position also includes being the Head of the Imperial Air force This position can only be held by Blood members of a Unironic Noble Family

Head GuardEdit

The Head Guard was traditionally the Head of an elite unit in the Imperial Army called the Imperial Guards the position eventually evolved into a civil position heading the offices at the Chancellery which still is mostly ceremonial position

State MonarchsEdit

Unironia is simply a lot of Unified nations that once existed independently but now are Unironic Component States State Monarchs are the Representative of the Emperor in their respective State they act with little authority of their own All State Monarchs meeting together with the Emperor present as well is called the Imperial Court of Monarchs



A Kingdom is the highest entity in the Empire and the Kings of these Unironic take precedence over lower nobles. At the moment Unironia has three Kingdoms Kingdom of Monoea, Kingdom of Woodland, and Kingdom of Istoria. A special degree of honor are reserved for Kings titles date back from a time before the Empire.


Duchies can be of two types Territorial ,or Family. A territorial Duchy is peremenant and not a specific family title. A Family Duchy is controlled by a specific family and would be dissolved if the line went extinct. The only Duchy at this time is a territorial Duchy its the Miklor


Archduchies are a degree above regular duchies. They can only exist in the territorial form. There are no current Archduchies in the Empire, the most famous former archduchy that was elevated by the title of Kingdom by the Emperor in January 2015 was the Archduchy of Woodland.


In Unironia the Barony is a territorial designation for mostly the Imperial states headed by minor noble families one such example is the Barony of Namerton, although a Barony can also be a permanent territorial designation for an Imperial State the Grand Barony of Alesceta is Unironia`s first and only permanent territorial barony.


a county is the smallest permanent territorial entity the only example is the County of Spartan.

Imperial TerritoriesEdit

Imperial Territories are unorganized pieces of Imperial land that are subject directly to the Emperor and ruled by Imperial Governors

Non-Insular StatesEdit

Non-Insular States are States with unique customs of governance that are older than the Empire and granted freedom for limited self-governance by the Emperor one such state is the Kingdom of Nancia


Dominions are entities where the nationhood of the native people are somewhat upheld and is ruled indirectly by the Emperor through Governor-Generals.


Special TerritoriesEdit

Law & OrderEdit

The Emperor is the head of the Judicial System in Unironia who delegates his powers to State Monarchs such as the Miklor who in turn delegates His/Her power to local officials

The EmperorEdit

The Emperor of Unironia is an absolute monarch and has been since Imperial Decree II was ratified on September 19, 2012. In present day Unironia he holds complete unquestioned power even to the extent of being able to overrule state monarchs

The CrownEdit

The Crown is a entity not controlled by the Government but by the Emperor up until June 2013 it controlled a trading company which was disbanded the Crown also owns the Unironic Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels on Display in Crizopolis

Administrative DivisionsEdit

Diplomatic RelationsEdit


Diplomatic RelationsEdit

Recognized Micronations Edit

Recognized MacronationsEdit

  • (All Members of the United Nations)
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Crimea (as Federal Subject of Russia)


The branches of the Unironic Military are Navy, Army ,and Air force

Unironia`s Military is a combination of modernly equipped professional soldiers and traditional tribal warriors

Geography & ClimateEdit

Unironia`s main territories are located in the Allegheny Plateau region of North America, and Unironia`s climate is mild consisting of summer temperatures from 60° to 80° Fahrenheit (15° to 26° Celsius) and winter temperatures from a record temperatures of -20° Fahrenheit (-28° Celsius) to 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius) the Unironic Winter is as observed in Monoea is very
Trees 1

An example of Unironic flora in Clubside Palace Garden



Most exports come from the [[[Kingdom of Monoea]] grown by the Dominites a people who`s farming practices are a major part of their culture grow many types of food from corn to tomatoes on Dominition`s 100 acre independently owned farm. the Dominites also boast a 50 acre ranch where pigs, cows, and chickens are rose.


Unironia is home to several independent and stated owned companies


Unironia`s official currency the Franc is now rarely used the United States Dollar is now accepted in favor of it

Plans for a new currency to officially replace the Franc were announced in August 2014


Unironia is a Empire of many cultures from the Monoean culture to the Batrani Culture, both of these peoples speak English as their main language but there still are pockets where Semul, a language native to Monoea is still spoken. Most Unironics are Roman Catholic as is the official religion but other Christian groups also exist including the Unironic Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church in Unironia, and in Alesceta where the native language is Alescetan the Yatáglhaist Church is a very prominent Christian group, also in this part of the Empire Cherokee spiritualism is also very prevalent. Unironia is also home to several congregations that belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

the Batrani People also make up a good portion of the Unironic population they speak a more ancient type of Semul dating back to the time of the Legendary Dynasties.


Main Article: Athletics in Unironia Unironia`s Regal league is the National Football/soccer league with two teams Football Club Crizopolis often abbreviated FC Crizopolis and Miklor United as of May 2015 two more teams are planned these teams compete in several tournaments and bowl games throughout the year

National HolidaysEdit

  • New Years Day (January 1st)
  • Easter (Standard)
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  • Christmas (December 25th)
  • Thanksgiving (Same as U.S.)
  • Halloween (October 31st)
  • Revolution Day (June 1st)
  • Empire Day (June 21st)
  • Solemnity Day (November 5th)
  • Emperor`s Birthday (September 29th)
  • All Saints Day (November 1st)
  • American Independence Day (July 4th) (Observed due to recognition of America)

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