Military of Unironia
Founded 2012
Service branches Airforce



Headquarters Airforce-Airforce Center

Army-Sparksburg Hall

Navy-Crizopolis Palace

Marshall Nathan McNamara
Military age 9
Fit for
military service
6, age 15–49
Active personnel 50
Reserve personnel 250
Domestic suppliers 3
Foreign suppliers 2
Annual imports Aircraft

Assult Rifles

Annual exports Paper gliders
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The Unironic Navy is the best funded branch of the Unironic Imperial Military and saw action in the Wyngate Wars in pre-Imperial periods and most recently in the Battle of Monkykya Bay


Unironia`s Army has exsisted before even Unironia itself its origins are in 7 BU (AD 2004) The Army saw its most recent action in the 2nd E-townese war in 2012

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is Unironia`s special-ops forces and now mostly as the name impies guards the Emperor of Unironia
Imperial Gaurd Uniform

Imperial Guard Uniforms


The Airforce is mostly cerimonial it hasn`t seen action since the Freethinker Revolt it is made up of mostly Paper airplanes and one miniture helicopter

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